Thursday, May 06, 2010


I understood the message of this book as something that
talked about experiencing the "hurt" first before learning to
appreciate the right thing for you.
Oftentimes, it gets blurred for us to see that we are actually in the moment where we are supposed to be in. Whether you admit it or not, you still have those times when you want something else above what has been given to you. You don't know though if it would do you any good or what. But FATE, so to speak, had been written out to us whichever choice we make. Life is the game plan. It means, we allow ourself to get wronged, to learn and to grow up "accordingly". Not all things may happen according to how we want them to happen but not knowing what could have been is the greatest thing for me. You only get to appreciate when you see the bigger picture. Like how I learned it from a friend of mine... "You will only have a good life once you stop asking for a better one."

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