Friday, July 16, 2010

One of the many first experiences...

A musical that was all about going tripping to Hong Kong.
The sights, the sounds, what makes it all special.

Featuring different mtr stations...
Airport Station, Disney MTR, Kowloon, Mong KOK, TST and Central.

It was indeed a great experience for me. It was my first time to do a full musical show. (I know, it took me awhile to immerse myself to the true cravings of my soul. Quite old but wouldn't want to give up.) Together with professional artists, we rehearsed for a month. The first two weeks felt like we were just playing but as it progressed, it made sense to me. It's totally different with what I used to do back with the Cosmogirls, my sing and dance group way back in the Philippines.

Of course like any musical, there are stressful moments along the way. People have gone sick in between rehearsals and show dates. However, that's the beauty of working with professionals. Their focus and our common purpose speaks more than anything else. Beyond work, having the time, dedication and passion for pushing myself to the limits had truly paid off. I gained a new refreshing experience, renewed bonds with workmates and made a new reputation.

To Hogan, the greatest supporter I got, I thank you for all the zestiest dinners you've prepared for me every after rehearsal at home. It's either you prepare food or wait for me to finish. I know you were patient with me and that I know you love me that's why you always stay for me. I stand tall because you see my efforts and you know who I am under stress. You love me at my best and at my worst. I truly am so greatful to be taken care by you.

To RM, I thank you for the huge break. Thanks for trusting and being patient. With all your efforts and talent, you have inspired more people to go for their passion without fear. You are the brain of this all and I would like to congratulate you for a job well done. You don't get paid doing this but you didn't mind. Keep it up!

To Kristian Lei, ate, you are my greatest believer. Thanks for teaching me and thank you for encouraging me to stand up for what I am good at. And most of all, thank you for making me understand the importance of humility and confidence. I will surely miss you if you go home to Hawaii. Everytime I would sing, I will remember you saying, "When you sing for the Lord, there's a different sound to what comes out from you." All my sincerest thanks to you. You made me sing your part. That was a huge responsibility. I belong to the bottom line of the food chain of professional singers but God is enough reason to be on top. And you've always pushed me there. You are my angel.

And to the rest that I've worked with in this great show, I thank you. My family, the genes speak! Should I say more? Ha! And to the rest of you who could read this, there's no need for drugs. Because where I am right now, just walking tall, being thankful of how God uses me is enough to feel so high....

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