Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland 5th year Anniversary!

It's been a prestige to me that I am a part of this wonderful family of HK Disneyland.
I would like to extend my respect and appreciation to the Opening Team.
My contribution to everyday happiness here had changed my life into
aiming for optimum wellness for people, most especially the kids.
More often than not, I find myself waking up in the morning
having a lot of questions and thoughts in my mind as to
how I would get thru another day of work.
In general, people have their own lives but come to one purpose,
that's what makes us all stand as one.
Here in Hong Kong, we aim to give out joy and laughter to
every guest that comes to visit. That's why, there's a lot to see
in this 5th year celebration. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise now
so, get hold of what's coming up soon.
Personally, I have gained a lot friends here in Hong Kong.
And I've lost some too...
It's a fact that life here consists of people coming and going.
It was hard to get over the idea of saying goodbye at least every 6 months, (sometimes earlier)
but I managed to outgrow what we often hear in the end of a fairytale,
But that's what makes friendships made here substantial that no matter
where they are, we still get to keep in touch.
Thanks to Facebook.
Besides, the team this past 5 years of HK Disney, I would like to thank
the fans-turned-friends for their undying support to us, rain or shine.
Each of you gives us strength that you don't have an idea on how you extend our lives
during the show. The moment we see you, we get thrived of giving out another breath
because you ignite in us the desire of bringing you enchantment in every show.
Because of you, we are alive everyday at work.
To HK Disney,
more power and more magic.

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