Sunday, January 09, 2011

Line of Favorite Pics for 2010

Most people obsess about the thought of having new year resolutions
not realizing that the very essence of it is if you can sustain abiding by them.
Daryl Brown, a theatre performer, is able to sustain not only his voice
in singing out, but also his professionalism
when dealing with client after client.
I wish I had known of his entire line of broadway shows and
musicals he'd been involved in. Nevertheless, he's an epitome of an
artist who's able to sustain humility amidst greatness.
For January, I chose this photo because I would like to inspire all of you.
It's always good to sustain it from the beginning...


The LOVE month...
Here is a proof that LOVE do defies AGE...
What I find interesting in this photo is the gesture despite
wrinkled hands, gray hair and location.
And I love the multi-tasking it shows.


Ahhh!!!! When I hear spring, I got three words in my head.
Nature, beauty and gay. All these 3 are in this picture.
Credits to Gail Nicolas for giving emphasis on the outlines of the waves
and clouds. It truly highlights the swan mysteriously.


Ms. Swani Yip, whose forte is CLASSICAL BALLET had gone
to Boracay for a vacation and she couldn't resist its white beaches.
I loved how she had kicked some sand to the right (it can't be seen that much
because the picture is quite small) which means she had given the jump
real effort. But she managed to look so light and dramatic.


For most of the people holding contracts in Disney,
I could say that May is the most laid back month for all of us.
'Tis the season when new commers become more at ease with the rest of
the cast, weather is just right, not too hot and not too cold.
Plus workload had given them a familiar breathing pattern.
This is the time they adapt.
Hence, I chose this photo of Ms. Julie Alagde-Carretas
along with some of her friends.
I loved how they had put on the make up
to be able to adapt and blend with the EARTH...

Breath-taking photo!


For the month when most "I do's!" are being said,
I featured one of Cora Teng and Brian Shao's pre-nup photo
because of the wonderful journey of them together graced by marriage.
I am wooed with how they smile and stare at each other,
how their hands clasped each other's and how simple black, white and green
go altogether. Be blessed my wonderful friends!


I saw this from the album of two budding photographers,
Ben Rozagaso and Jojo Mamangun (whose works I continuously admire).
They took a course on how to do effects on photos that you take.
And I picked this one for July because of that very powerful rays
of the sun effect that somehow gives a different range of drama and art
from a simple shot. Two thumbs up!
Courses are expensive but they're definitely worth it.


The last month of summer always holds the greatest number of
boat trips amongst Disney people here in Hong Kong.
Meaning, most of them wouldn't want to let go of an opportunity
to go on last minute getaways.
This month then holds a number of great trips that's why
I chose this picture one of London's huge palaces....
Yet again, the rays of the sun highlights the subject and makes
it mysteriously looking but gives it a softer effect.
Photo taken and enhanced by Gail Nicolas
during one of her trips around the world.


Ai Ivy Chua.... a mixture of a lot of races.
I'm amazed on how she had embraced her Japanese side
in doing this photoshoot.
The Japanese culture is indeed rich if you'd go over their history.
Humbly, she portrays how warriors accept their fate and their purpose.
This photo is very soulful. I love it!


Maita Ponce -an extraordinary artist.
She sings amiably and expresses herself wonderfully
with portraits and sketches that are full of LIFE.
Avery talented woman indeed.
For the month of October, this enhanced photo of her is PERFECT.


My own masterpiece for the year of 2010.
For the first time, I had tried my eye for PHOTOGRAPHY.
I would like to thank Hanedy Sala for gracing with poses
that had inspired me to go on for this very therapeutic hobby.

When I went to the Philippines for a turnover of contract
settings with Disney, I had discovered Bohol.
This was taken on our way to see dolphins.
We had to do it early in the morning and I captured a very wonderful experience.
Sunrise for me is always a sign of a very good beginning.
I'm glad I had come up with this post-card looking output.


As the year ends, we tend to forget some mini responsibilities
we owe to ourselves. Holidays happen during this month and we tend
to overdo eating, being merry and overindulging.
Some of you might wonder what's wrong with that.
But read between the lines. I did use superlatives before each task.
The secret word - "OVERDOING".

Hence, I would like to include this photo enhanced by Danny Tagle.
This is his wife's eye with their son in it.
I really love his idea of combining both of his loved ones in his
project. It simply means, both of them are in his eyes.
Never would he let them go out of his sight.
The eyesight is the strongest sense we have that its impulses
are being sent directly to the brain and the heart.

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