Saturday, July 30, 2011

HK Disneyland~"Adventureland Oasis Party" Wild Rhythms Summer'10 Last Sh...

Last SUMMER, WILD RHYTHMS of Hong Kong Disneyland had made it's toll
in becoming one of the guests' favorite show. It had gathered a number of
spectators with its theme, "we'll take you to the islands!"
How did they do that? Polynesian fire-knife dancers had emceed
an instructional show. They've introduced some relative responses such as
"Pati"- which means clap, "Lua pati" - 2 claps and "mili" - rubbing of the hands together.
They've performed the slap dance as well and did a fire-knife routine to end it.

Only a few people are aware that there's such fire-eaters.
What they don't know is that these fire-eaters are warriors during the ancient times.
Before it had become a form of entertainment and before it had become
a sport in its own right to take place in the competitive world,
it had saved the Polynesian islands in so many ways from selfish intruders.
Oh how grande Hong Kong's idea was last year...

Of course springing from a very good summer last year,
CARS 2, the movie is yet to be in Hong Kong theatres so Lightning McQueen
had released another new show in Hong Kong Disneyland as he stops by
for his World Grand Prix Tour. As it had set foot in HK Disney,
two celebrities had conjoined to welcome Lightning McQueen for its
first appearance for the guests....

Here's a glimpse...

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