Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's the second time around that I had to google how to do something for the first time. First was how to play the guitar, and this time, it was how to make a PEACH PIE...

Peaches have always been one of my favorite fruits when I was young... and I remembered how it melts in my mouth whenever I eat it. So, I thought, why not eat it in a different way... on my own way! OK, today, it didn't turn out so... I want to mention Nicko's kitchen (that's how the simple recipe was entitled in youtube) for it helped me thru. So it ain't exactly my own way.

Harry's mom passed away 2 days ago. As our uso ("brother" in Samoan language) here in Hong Kong, we visited him earlier tonight to pay sincere condolences along with Chief Malama, Tavita, Chief Pati, his wife and their son, MJ and Hogan. They sang a song for his mom and for his loss and we also extended our sympathy to his wife by bringing a special material (to bring to Samoa as cover for the coffin, as part of tradition) and food to their home. It was endearing to witness how strong their culture is and that even though how small their Samoan family here in Hong Kong is, they would really make an effort to comfort them and make them feel that their all together thru ups and downs...

And so, I thought that I should make something special to bring over dinner... Hogan also requested for a dessert or cake. And I thought of a PEACH PIE...

As I gathered the ingredients together, I watched the demonstration on youtube not knowing the exact measurements of each. It's my first time to use Self-raising Flour. I didn't know its limits or whether it would make my dough too spongy but then, it was alright. Let me share it in a brief way...


- self-raising flour (if you don't have it, you can just use the all-purpose flour but add baking soda to it)
- granulated white sugar
- brown sugar
- unsalted butter
- 1 medium sized egg
- milk
- peaches (canned is preferred, as long as it was preserved in its natural juice)

1. Prepare the dry ingredients by mixing altogether flour, granulated white sugar and butter. Use your fingers in mixing them altogether until a golden crumby texture has been achieved.

2. Pour in the beaten egg and the milk simultaneously thereafter. Then mix it altogether with a bread knife allowing the air to create a natural plump to it.

3. Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees while you pour the mixture to the baking pan laid upon with baking paper.

4. Put the sliced peaches on top. To avoid it from burning, brush melted butter on it and sprinkle the brown sugar on top to add some color to it and to carmelize the top.

5. Bake from 18-23 minutes at 180 degrees if using the 22,5x22,5 CM baking pan. Use the toothpick to check if inside is cooked and dry. Let it cool for 5 minutes thereafter and serve. This is good for 8-10 people.

I hope this could be of help. It's better to check youtube for the exact expectation of mixture, measurements and finished product. To tell you honestly, I just used my INSTINCTS with the measurements and Hogan mentioned that he was proud. Thank God! Not bad for a first timer!

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