Monday, January 30, 2012


My mom texted me the other day, reminding me of how I used to be
when it comes to art projects, specifically coloring books.
She texted me this way,

"Do you remember when you were young, maybe around 7 years old,
I was preparing breakfast one day at 6 in the morning,
and you went down after me with squinted eyes to the kitchen?
I was so surprised but I just observed.
You were carrying your coloring books with you.
You pulled a chair, you laid down 70+ colored pencils
with your 4 coloring books and started working on one.
And instead of greeting me "Good morning!", you asked,
"Do you know that there's a shade called PERIWINKLE?"
and I started joining you because I was so
surprised to hear what you just shared to me.
I thought that was the cutest ever!"

OK! She didn't include that last statement in her message.
But I thought that's what she wanted to say back then
but knowing my mom, she has her silent approach when it comes
to giving in EMOTIONALLY.

As I was checking what's featured on GROUPON almost everyday,
on that day she sent me the message,
I came across a feature in Groupon about this 4hour DIY (Do-it-yourself) art jam.
I purchased it after checking the deadline for usage and
how accessible it will be for me to go at the location.
(Yep! The drill in purchasing from GROUPON
besides knowing if it will interest you,
benefit you or if it's cheap enough.)
Holidays came by and so did the Chinese New Year
that I totally forgot about the purchase.

Anyways, I was talking to Aaron Jan (AJ) one time, and I don't know how he ended
up saying, "PERIWINKLE!" and that reminded me to call "Coloring Art" to book a session.

As I reached the place, it was totally true how they described what to expect.

  • High quality drawing tools (different sized brushes and very nice quality paints, you will be provided with your own working apron and 30cm x 40 cm canvas)
  • Free flow of drinks (with choices such as lemon tea, green tea, apple juice)
  • Relaxed atmosphere for creativity and bonding if you're doing it with your kids, family, relatives, friends and/or partners (they were playing an array of classical music, mellow ones and laid back tunes to enhance the brain's artistic function; it was pretty calm and quiet too)
  • It was accessible to Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok stations (I used my iphone to track the address provided in groupon so it didn't really give me difficulty finding the building - meaning, groupon care of Ko's Building, provided a reliable and accurate address - just fabulous!)
  • Washing equipment and lockers are provided if needed.

The moment I saw my workstation, I've let myself settle after coming from the lieu so that I would be good for the next 2 hours at least. (And it was really clean, let me tell you that. I'm sorry I had to include this information, that is important for me.) I started stretching my hands, reviewing all the images that I might work on, putting out my earphones and played my "own" music. I already came up with a playlist of acoustic sounds for my own ease.

Surprisingly, all that I planned to draw didn't make an appeal
when I was about to start. It all changed when I saw the kind of paint I'm going to work on. I told myself, I have to use as much colors so as to maximize the worth of my GROUPON indulgence. Practicality my friends!

I thought, I should work on something else during my days off without
letting go of what I'm truly passionate for. This is actually an application
of an important point I learned from the book, "Happiness Project".
It was suggested there that if you're in a situation where
you don't know what to choose, choose work or something about it.
So, I considered our costume, the jungle skirt for an inspiration.

Every time I swing it around for a performance,
there's an unexplainable high with it, most especially,
when I share the stage with passionate and dedicated bodies of exploding talent.
I never knew it would come out like this.

I never had a formal training or education
about shadowing, shading or critical sketching.
Though once, I imagined myself working for Disney not as a performer
but to be an animator. But, my mother didn't agree with it.
She suggested being an architect is what I should pursue rather than be
an artist. According to her, (or like almost all of the elders of her generation),
being an artist will never put food on the table.
Of course, she was just being cautious and protective of my future.
Going back, besides the fact that I was a Disney baby,
that I adored and memorized, Beauty and the Beast,
Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Pocahontas and the Lion King
and many more,
I was fascinated with the colors that they used most especially with
Lion King and Little Mermaid.
I haven't let go of that dream as I did this project.

I had just let go of myself.
I had just been me.... for the complete 3 hours.
And it's .... actually, AMAZING.

To my mom, you have never forgotten.
I thank you for that.

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