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As of September 22, I came across YAHOO New Zealand's News,
of the Top 15 of FORBES' List of the Richest American People.

I just thought you'd know too.

15. SERGEY BRIN, a Russian-born American Scientist and internet entrepreneur
who co-founded GOOGLE, earns US$16.7 Billion. (Not sure if annually though...)
*GOOGLE as we all know is one of the largest internet companies that
recently had its newest office in New York launched.

14. The 27-year-old, MARK ZUCKERBERG, as we all know, co-created
FACEBOOK, which occupies most of my time. Guilty as charged with that!
I've cheated having a good rest, spending quality time with friends,
discovering some new adventures and doing household chores
with social networking. He hit my weakness which is relaxing in front of the computer.
Oh come on, don't just keep me hanging here!
One way or another, you're guilty of being preoccupied by it too.
And that's just how this guy gets paid... KACHING!Do watch this movie, "SOCIAL NETWORK" and it will
amaze you how normal moments in life could be the huge trampoline
in making some CHANGES in your life.He earns US$17.5 Billion Dollars...

13. Another internet monster, JEFF BEZOS, being the Chief Executive Officer,
founder and president of AMAZON.COM, earns US$19.1 Billion at age 47.

12. Being Mayor of New York City since 2002, the now 69-year-old
MICHAEL BLOOMBERG is earning US$19.5 Billion.
He was the founder of Bloomberg L.P, a financial information
and news service media company and owns majority of it.

11. WAL-MART had been there for consumers to satisfy their needs.
And who's the man standing behind such success of WAL-MART?
The eldest son, of its founder, the late, Sam Walton, who now holds the title of being
the Chairman of the Board of Directors after the death of his father.
He is S. Robson Walton, now 67 years old, who earns US$20.5 billion dollars.

10. ALICE WALTON, now 61, is the heiress parallel to S.Robson,
being an heiress of the Wal-Mart fortune, earning US$ 20.9 Billion.

9. The name, WALTON still earns a place in the top 15 as the youngest
of Sam Walton, JIM WALTON, now 63 years old. He stands farthest on the far left
next to Alice in this picture. He holds a record of earning US$21.1 Billion dollars
and the title of Chairman of Arvest Bank.

8. SHELDON ADELSON, being the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
the LAS VEGAS Sands Corp, is a self-made casino magnate.
He earns US$21.5 Billion.
7. GEORGE SOROS, the philanthropist, aged 81 years old,
graduated Bachelor of Science and Arts in London School of Economics.
I guess that's the main reason why he knows how to handle money.

He just announced last July that his fund will now just be
turned into a family office and that he returned just under US$1 Billion dollars
of his US$25.5 Billion dollar assets. Maybe that's why last August, his ex-
girlfriend (28 y.o.) had become confident enough to sue him for a
US$50 million dollar apartment that he failed to give as promised.
Define a "gold digger"!
He wouldn't mind making her shut up just by paying her off
with this amount of assets but then again, he was mindful of his
commitments such as... to the human rights, public health and education,
he had been donating US$8 billion dollars since 1979.
In addition, he pledged US$100 million dollars to Human Rights Watch,
in part to counteract America's loss of the "moral high ground".
And US$150 million to Roma Rights (Gypsies).

Soros is best known for earning US$1 billion in one day for
shorting England's currency, "breaking" the Bank of England in 1992.

Her family shares US$2.7 Billion worth of the First Solar.
Thanks to her late husband John,
who instantly made her the richest and wealthiest "Walton" woman.

4. CHARLES AND DAVID KOCH shares the 4th place
for being worth US$ 25 million each.
 The brothers continue to bankroll chemicals and the conservative insurgency.
Still, the Kochs’ political contributions, including gifts to the RNC,
are down by more than half this year.
Meantime, their industrial conglomerate seems to be thriving:
It has more than $100 billion in revenue from refining, chemicals,
building materials and energy trading.

 seems to be spending more time in court than on the water:
Oracle has been battling German software firm SAP over alleged software theft
 and rival HP over Ellison’s hiring of its former chief Mark Hurd.
Oracle stock is up 15% from a year ago.
He's worth is US$ 33 million

2. Warren Buffett – $39 billion
His fortune is down $6 billion, the largest dollar amount of any 400 member.
Yes, he gave away $3.27 billion in stock, but shares of Berkshire Hathaway have sagged 10%.
Buffett recently brought on Richard Weschler, a hedge fund manager,
as a top investment honcho. Maybe for a time that will quiet the perennial carping
 about finding a successor.

1. BILL GATES - CEO and owner of Microsoft,
who occupies himself continuously with the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation, is still the 1st amongst all American billionaires,
now in his 18th year of reign being on the top.
This US$23.5 Billion Foundation had brought a lot of people into working
for disease prevention and education in the past year.
He continuously tries to eradicate polio completely
and still tries to work on how to provide
low-cost vaccines and bed nets to places where malaria is common.

* DISCLAIMER: This information was on the FORBES website last year 2011.
If  you want to know of the latest list of the Richest People, just hit their website. *

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