Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Fireknife Championship: Joseph Cadousteau

I was in Los Angeles while Hogan was in Hong Kong during the entire competition
when a good friend of mine, Jane Logan, left a message on my
wall on Facebook sharing her jitters about the 2012 Fire Knife Competition.
I called Hogan right away to check on the latest update.
At that time, JOSEPH CADOUSTEAU was still
doing his routine for the last round of the competition.

I shared the good news right away to my family
the moment I heard that our dear friend won the title.

Joseph and Jane, I wish we were there to witness this
and celebrate with you. Nonetheless, I still would want to extend
our hugs for a job well done.
Both of you truly worked hard and you deserve to win.

You did a superb performance
and your routine was outstanding!!!!
We're so proud of you!

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