Sunday, May 20, 2012


This 2012, I had the chance to visit Disney Anaheim for the first time and I am more than thankful since my family was with me in experiencing this. There's no denying that I had been a Disney baby ever since. That being said, working for Disney had been such a pleasure. Huge thanks to the opportunity Mr. Russ Jordan (who passed away recently) gave me. Because of him, I get to own priceless moments with kids. I get to bring them happiness even in the most subtle way.

And so, for my vacation to Los Angeles, to see my mom after 8 years, it was more than remarkable. We get the chance to become kids again as we relive our unforgettable moment in Disney Orlando way back 1994. But this time, in Anaheim.

I got excited as I found out Disney Anaheim got 2 parks. Disneyland Park and their Disney Adventure Park. Ashley, my 4 year old niece, was also looking forward to play with us as she blabbers of the places that she wanted to see with me. I had to see the parade first of course so I told her, we shall watch it first then we'll go wherever she wanted to go.

The SOUNDSENSATION Parade shares a lot of similarities
with Hong Kong Disneyland's Flights of Fantasy Parade in terms of music .
It is started off by a drum line and I thought that was so cool!
Their costumes are beyond amazing as it tantalizes with colors and flow.
They have Rapunzel on the princess float and they have an Aladdin,
Peter Pan and Mary Poppins unit.
As of Hong Kong Disney's one, bungee monkeys and bungee bees 
looked playful and enticing.
The floats and choreography are also dreamy.
We all loved Disney Anaheim's parade.
It made me miss Flights of Fantasy the same time I was 
appreciating it at that particular time.

After that, we headed to Disney Toontown.
(Ashley's choice.)
We rode the Disney railway going there.

The first house that we saw was the boss' house.
I'm amazed at how they imagined it to be.
Mickey loves his fans so, it's important that he gets all
their mails and sees to it that he gets back to them.
So, after passing by the post office, his house awaits.
His house actually is packed with everything that keeps him busy
in running the park, making and designing playrooms and different toys.

You would see a typewriter, a mini theatre and a huge phone.
He awaits for you as you exit his house for a personal meet and greet.
Ashley got 5 smooches from Mickey I think and
she got a signature from him. We were so happy for her.

We just had a short afternoon so we just saw Minnie's house after that
which on the other hand is full of cute stuff. She loves baking and grooming
for Mickey so everything looked lovely and pink.

 Minnie Mouse loved her garden.

For her, dreams are meant to happen.
She shares her hopes to everybody who dreams and had
put a very special wishing well at her backyard for them.

We walked and walked,
played and played,
and just had the best time of our lives being worry free.

All the Disney cast members there gave me a very warm
welcome as they learned that I work in Hong Kong Disneyland.
They take time in asking how nice it is in Hong Kong and
that they would want to pay a visit someday.
I was overwhelmed because they made me
feel special and so did my family.

Before we know it, the day had gone pass and we were already
eating our dinner and waiting for the last attraction that we had to go to.
It was painful for me that I wasn't able to see the Disney Fireworks
because it got me all emotional the first time I saw it in Hong Kong.
It was too late for all for us and we were beat.
So, we decided to see "World of Colors" instead.
Like I said, Disney fireworks had a different impact on me.
And since I know it would be an awfully long time again before I see Ashley,
 I carried her the whole time while watching the 45 minute (approximately) show.
My heart melted when she kept on looking for her mom.
I just told her,
"Don't worry. This is the reason why I'm carrying you so
that you won't miss a thing. Because you have to tell her
every detail of this. And that's your mission."
She agreed.

There's a particular cast member named Alvis
who made this experience extra special for us.
He had let us take the vacant area for fast pass holders when it didn't get full.
We were holding fast passes which was good for another half an hour later.
But we were all exhausted and Ashley's mom, my cousin, Maan,
was already outside waiting for us. We needed to go already.
He was understanding enough and made us get a better view in no time.

I didn't get to watch other main attractions except for the parade and the "World of Colors".
But it was more priceless for me to see Ashley snoozing
while holding popcorn for her mom for her own "pasalubong" (treat).
I know she got tired because she had loads of fun navigating for us.

Yet again, Disney, thank you for letting us experience MAGIC.

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