Thursday, June 07, 2012

Current Addictions


1. I love the elegant stylization of the characters. 
Despite the conspiracy behind the connections of each character to another,
lines are still delivered with grace. Sarcasm is to be read between the lines.
MADELINE STOWE amazed me with her versatility in acting.
The only movie I remember her in is, "BLINK".
Her persona there is totally opposite of what she had shown here in REVENGE.

2. I love the idea that the title strongly suggests evil.
But as you watch it, EVIL NEVER WILL PREVAIL.
It is a modern way of implementing to the audience
that only TRUE LOVE can break an EVIL SPELL.
If you've seen this, you'd totally agree with me.


She plays the underdog here. And I love the struggle in her character.

2. I love DEBRA MESSING singing here.
I never knew she underwent broadway training.
As I read about her, I found out that 
"A Walk in the Clouds" was her first debut movie.
I loved that movie. Cool to know.

3. I love the reality it presents when it comes to actually being in broadway
or any other performing business for that matter.
Show business has its flaws too. What to do and what not
to do are bluntly shared here.
It reminds me of the movie, "SHOWGIRLS".

4. I love how it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from GLEE.
There are a lot of original songs that are good to
sing for auditions.

Because of this series, my faith towards serendipitous events just builds up more and more. It also makes me appreciate subtle and weird encounterments. This series encourages me to look at LIFE's bigger picture.

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