Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Independence Day Philippines!!!!

From the time being that I had known that Philippines had been conquered by Spain (for more than 300 years), USA (for more than 3 years), and Japan (1 year), my understanding of how pure I am as a Filipino had been a crucial argument with myself. Actually, as of the present, let me include *China since they own a lot of businesses in the Philippines - lol!!!! It seems like they are "currently" co-owning the country. That's just my personal opinion though. (So sorry, let me continue writing about the "INDEPENDENCE WEEK".) I own some qualities of the Spaniards in terms of how black and thick my hair is, not wavy like theirs but straight (so Asian, maybe from Japanese or Malay race), my built is in between endomorph and mesomorph... some say I could pass for a Chinese when I try to bargain in Mong Kok (I try to speak in Cantonese so that I could get a good deal; that way they'd never think of me as a tourist.) I'm not surprised that I am attracted to Spanish music and they're way of dancing. I guess, the Spaniards really influenced us a lot in terms of lifestyle because I can never take away my fascination for POKER and having *siesta in the afternoon.

In terms of learning, I owe it to the Americans I guess since they're the ones who introduced public schools in the Philippines. Japan, lastly, were brutal as far as I know based on the books that we had studied and movies that included reenactments of those horrible times. But I do owe them a lot in terms of my drive to strive to being the best. In my own opinion, Asians tend to become survivors because of their color and/or race per se. Most of the Asian countries are always seen as composed of third world countries. They are the ones who are often mistreated by racists. So, they always strive to be good in everything.

Well.... all in all, I just want to be proud of who I have become. In honoring the Philippine Independence Week, I would like to take into account, all our ancestors who had shaped the freedom all of us Filipinos enjoy today. If not for them, we would always be "a part" of a colony. We would never get to share our history combined with our rich culture.

I came across this passage after seeing the photos of Filipinos being dumped 
because they didn't make it in the Death March. 
At the present time, so many Filipinos are gracing different countries of
service, talent and whole-hearted dedication.

Let me mention Filipinos that gave an inspiring impact to me this year
that they deserve a special mention and introduction.
I'm sure not only me knows these people.

Firstly, the one who held this much record in boxing....


Our very own  MANNY PACQUIAO.

I wanted to say more but I just copied this much in WIKIPEDIA.
I didn't realize that it was going to say it all already.
But just a little thing to add up.
He trained when he was young with an old set of tires which
I shared the photo in one of my blogs entitled "Strive to Make a Difference".
Please don't hesitate to check it out.

being the the 2012 American Idol 1st Runner Up. She blew
an audience off during the entire season of 2012 American Idol
since was just the best from start to finish, needless to say.

Being a 16 year old singing sensation, she had the chance
to perform with Jennifer Holiday, the one and only daring dreamgirl
during the last night of the mentioned singing competition for showing off what she got.
I'm sure she had inspired not just me but a lot out there who
own the same talent merging it with pure intentions and a very sturdy passion.

Last but not the least, I would like to honor the two Filipino
ballet dancers, namely, *CANDICE ADEA and  
for winning 1st Place in Helsinki Internationall Ballet Competition
and Best in Pas de Deux Technique respectively.

It's such an overwhelming feeling, witnessing how Filipinos strive
in becoming at their best and in the end, accomplishing
breathtaking success. I have to mention all the overseas workers
also who sacrifice being away from their families just to earn a living
and provide for their dependents' needs. Here in Hong Kong, 
Disneyland cast members, domestic helpers, government workers, entertainers and teachers 
are just but a few who render service to the best of their abilities.

Again, like the people who had sacrificed
their own lives in the past, the OFW's who are now
sacrificing their own time away from their loved ones are heroes in their own right.
We wouldn't be granted much of this FREEDOM if not for their courage.


*Cebu Pacific is an airline very well known of its Php1.00 (both) local and international flights coming to and from Philippines that is being owned by John Gokongwei and so are all Robinsons Department Stores. SM Department Stores which hold the most numerous number of shopping centres and now branching to real estate is owned by Henry Sy. Both Henry Sy and John Gokongwei are Chinese.

*SIESTA ( ) - is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm.

*Candice Adea and Jean Marc Codero's article: go to this link -->
or click the link above which I've set for my own post featuring the talents mentioned to go directly to the information regarding this article.

DISCLAIMER: All of the information shared are based on a research made online only. Google links to certain blogs and usage of photos are for visual purposes for identification of certain topics, specific people and detailed descriptions. I am humbly sharing it and not claiming it as my own. WIKIPEDIA had also been one of the resources used.

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