Thursday, July 19, 2012

"50 Shades of Grey"

Whenever I critique a book, I always choose a very good line to include in it and start from there. For some reason, considering this being on the top on my list of "Good-reads", it's very hard for me to do so since to a lot of people, EROTICISM is huge taboo.

E L JAMES's, (who had set aside writing for a long time to care for her family first) "FIFTY SHADES OF GREY" Trilogy was a surprise to me how she had me hooked for just 2 days to the first book. Her way of writing was raw and fresh that makes her readers wanting for "more". She had given "ROMANCE" a different pang as she mixed Anastasia Steele's INEXPERIENCE to Christian Grey's INDIFFERENCE opening a different world for your imagination to conquer.

I've always been pointing out that AWARENESS to oneself is a key to knowing your next move towards a certain situation. Whether it is about decision making, assessing expectations or just remaining still, AWARENESS helps you into accepting who you are. And I'm sure you're going to agree to what I am about to say, but, ACCEPTANCE of oneself, is VERY IMPORTANT to be able to relate to our surroundings, animate and "or not". All of these, I am reminded as I go thru the exchange of emotions and demeanor between each of the character mentioned previously. And yet again, it all boils down to one thought, NOBODY'S PERFECT. This is considered a FACT all over the world. Yet the line, "We aim to please." always lingers at the back of your mind, at the tip of your tongue, remaining to be our mantra. And that's when everything turns about and becomes complicated. LIFE, as it is, is a continuous struggle to attaining BALANCE.

I recommend this as a "GOOD READ" and worthwhile of your time to increase such AWARENESS.



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