Friday, August 10, 2012

Humble Beginnings

TIME surely does pass swiftly as this page from way back just emerged from Facebook. My man's
(Hogan) manager before in Taiwan, Papa Chien posted it up and I thought of sharing it and writing about it. It just continuously amazes me how much I'm witnessing as to how the Lord used him to be a tool in sharing their rich culture thru their renowned talent.

This was a page from the newspaper announcing Hogan being the champion of the 4th International Siva Afi Competition (2005) in Samoa. He now shares the limelight with two people that I know now personally. Harry Pupualii, whom Hogan had been friends with and Frankie Solomona, who is a brother to him are now working together with a line of talented people here in Hong Kong Disneyland. I pray that all of you would continuously be blessed of strength that you need to possess in fulfilling your dreams to serve as good examples of your own people. Keep up the good work and continue making your mamas proud.

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