Thursday, September 13, 2012


I always feel excited every time I am about to do a photo shoot, may it be me who's going to be the subject or me doing the project for somebody.

Recently, I had the infamous Mark Bautista to grace me with his talent. Mark, who had been of service for a lot of Hong Kong performers, had already caught my attention as he continuously works on a lot of portrait shots of my friends and colleagues at work. And they all came out divine. Finally, our schedules met after 3 attempts of booking a day with him. We grabbed the opportunity for a fun day.

No awkward nor dull moment as we started as he was as passionate in styling me up as he was with his camera. Truly, he and Jen Bautista are a good match in coming up with a new me. There is more than "dedication" for a word to describe their team as Joms Ortega's helping hands contributed to the photo shoot's huge success too. All of us just went in sync automatically and I, myself was also amazed that it went smoothly and longer than we expected.

The appointment was at 11am. And as soon as Mark reached the house, we uttered our hi's and hello's and he took note of what looks I would and would not be willing to do. After then he looked at the closet, asked where the shoe cabinet was and scattered the set of accessories I have to match 'em altogether. I did bring out some of my preferences and he combined it with his own. We had set my home as the location as it went more than versatile as we have thought so. We went for industrial look, rocker look, serene, happy, "maring" (sweet), and of course, we had to wrap it up with the Katrina Kyte Dalino pose.... as he wanted it to be documented from when I did it when I was younger.

All in all, it was such a good rediscovery of what I always have loved to do. The "plus" there was gaining another friend who was more than willing to show who I truly am, not just based on looks. It was a good release to be helped out to portray the real me even thru a very silent picture. It was all worth it. Professionally speaking, he did a great job of convincing me to give out more than what I was used to working on. Jen and Joms on the other hand, never ran out of praises and kind words. Oh! They knew how to encourage a "SMIZE" out of you. Catching up with them made the time spent go priceless in doing this project. I've performed with them before but now they have moved on to greater heights and hearing them talk about it nurtured my dreams. It's always important to surround yourself with positive people who makes you feel that "nothing is impossible", people who never loose hope and are just happy come what may.

It's a long gone thankful post but still, I would want to extend my biggest gratitude to Mark Bautista, Jen Bautista and Joms Ortega for all of these wonderful shots....

I suggest you coordinate with him if you want to refresh your portrait shots or just to capture a certain moment with family and friends. It is definitely worth it. Or please feel free to comment if interested on how to contact his team.
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