Saturday, October 06, 2012


It was just last year that I had witnessed a good friend of mine of over 10 years, John Paul Adena, awating Rizalyn Morada at the altar for marriage. The closest people whom I have been close to along the time I've spent here in Hong Kong were also there with me. And it was one of the grande vacations I've ever had. Their blessings had kept on pouring as Rizalyn had been part of our Disney family eventually. And now, they're expecting a baby girl.

On her 6th month, she asked me to photograph her pregnancy. It was going to be my first time so gladly, I was more than willing to be part of her project. As I researched for images to inspire me, I've come across bloggers that had documented their own experience on this. And here are the things that I learned:

1. SAFETY FIRST. Pregnant women are expected to be limited with what they can do as you direct them. Their condition should be considered at all times and it would be good to start if both of you are properly nourished. With my experience, Riza and I had lunch with friends before we did the photo shoot.

2. TIME AND GOOD MOOD IS GOLD. Pregnant women could easily get uncomfortable. The outraging hormones could affect their mood easily. So, it's good to let her know how long the photo shoot will take. You also don't want her face to be oily earlier than usual as her stress level easily goes up, so it's good to avoid going beyond the time that you have oriented her with. With Riza, I showed her images that will serve as our aim/inspiration and I have told her that 3 hours would be the allotted time. So she had an idea of what we're going to work on. I've also asked her to tell me whatever makes her feel awkward and uncomfortable and also what she would be willing or not willing to do.

3. THE BUNDLE OF JOY IS AS IMPORTANT AS MOMMY. Jp and Riza are expecting a baby girl and they have named it MJ. Along the way, we whisper to her her name and orients her as well of what we are doing. This helps for some reason for the baby to relax and not give the mom a hard time. You can play mellow music in the background too. Do ask the mom of what she prefers. A form of advice, classical music helps the baby's mind to form to its utmost potential.

4. PROPS, SCENERIES AND CREATIVITY. It's important if you include props that gives your captured moment a personal touch. Rizalyn had a pair of cute shoes given to her as a gift and she likes color purple so we played with all of these. Daddies can also participate but Jp had work that day so I got shots of MJ fore-fronting the wedding band.

5. SERENITY. I had one thing only in mind when I was enhancing Rizalyn's shots. I focused greatly on making every picture look serene and peaceful. Be the judge of it as you watch the slide below.

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