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"SOCIAL DRINKING is the consumption of alcohol without reaching the point of being drunk. It is drinking in a safe, legal, and responsible manner, allowing you to socialize. Three or less measured drinks (or a blood alcohol level of up to 0.05%) is considered to be within the social drinking range."


I do drink mainly for 3 reasons:
1. to unwind
2. to celebrate
3. to heighten up and extract the flavors of what I eat

To take these into account, I'd like to share some drinks that I really loved in welcoming the month leading to my 30th birthday. As Carrie Bradshaw did say "Have fun! That's what your 20's are for, when you're at your 30's, that's when you learn the lessons, and when you are at your 40's, that's when you pay for the drinks!"
I did learn it the hard way that drinking to be drunk didn't do me any good. I did have my share on one of the corners of Lan Kwai Fong to release myself from getting possessed by alcohol but that's where we draw the line with how much I should share. What's more interesting are the drinks that I have had that would be good to have "again". Stanford University mentioned (and I agree) that in order for the deed to be called social drinking, it should not go pass 3 glasses/servings/cups nor exceed a 0.05% alcohol blood level. Here they are:


Cathy Seumanutafa, a friend of mine and I, had gone out to a lot of lunches and meet-ups together just to catch up. She would take me to the nicest places to dine. One day, we tried out a brunch buffet together with Nicole in ISOLA and we decided to ease the hearty brunch with a MOJITO. Since then, mojitos are ever present in everything that Cathy and I share. Now, she's expecting a baby boy and I can't wait to share the most recent flavor I've drank just yet. Probably, after she is done nursing the baby, the MANGO MOJITO!!!!

Mojito's primary alcohol content is rum, preferably, white rum. It is prepared in a Collins glass standardly with 3 leaves of Mint, 30ml lime juice or just how much you'd prefer to kill the bitter taste of alcohol, 2 teaspoons of sugar, soda water and poured on the rocks. Now, with the Mango Mojito, I ain't sure if the lime juice is reduced to 10 ml then mango extract/juice is poured on to fill the extra 20ml. This summer this particular cocktail had just topped my charts this year.

I have tasted it for the first time at BISOUS HK while watching the ever fabulous Les Fleurs Savage!!!! And had preferred to start a celebratory night with it for my friends getting promoted recently.


Vai Lima of Samoa, Red Horse of the Philippines (famous amongst foreigners here in HK), Heineken and Corona as I stayed here in Hong Kong. These are so far the top choices. A poker game maybe with friends, or having a BBQ by a bonfire, of course, ain't forgetting the "So You Think You Can Dance"-nights and a hearty dinner with Hogan at Chilli and Spice, it's either Heineken or Corona. It's smooth, perfect when it's icy cold and releases tension after a week's work.

This was taken last fall when we spent our 4th year anniversary in Gold Coast over good barbecue in Chilli and Spice. One of the most priceless moments of my life. Together with my loved one who supports me all the way and someone who'd accept the real me. I never was a fan from the beginning of beer but then I get to taste the finest ones. And I get to compare it and got some of my own preferences.

3. There's no other way to enjoy social drinking other than doing it with co-workers as you get an opportunity to relate to them on a different perspective. You get the chance to let loose, vent out without being judged and knowing more of who you work with spending 8 hours or more with them almost everyday anyway, whether you like it or not - so it wouldn't hurt if you would get to know them better. Most days, you and your co-workers are driven to move with a common purpose, "pressured" most often than not. So, having a breather could be a good way to bond for a much better outcome at the workplace.

When doing so, it shouldn't necessarily be fancy. Here in Hong Kong, there are a lot of freebies and happy hours. These happy hours offer snacks and my most favorite would be cheese to go with my rose wine. For women, Thursday is ladies' night. Most bars give out free drinks to ladies for a couple of hours to start off the night. Champagne and Vodka nights happen too. Not much of a fan of red wines but it's good to drink it when enjoying a juicy medium well steak. With a roasted salmon or any fish for that matter, white wine blends well. Wines help to regulate blood pressure levels as it relaxes the heart from working overtime when you're nerves are a wreck. On the other hand, hard drinks and/or shots can do two things. It's either to awake you with just one or two but more than that paves the way to the other thing.... it's called a HANGOVER. Don't dare try this if not with trusted company.

4. TEQUILA ROSE is the one thing that I love sharing with 'em ladies. It's not that popular here in Hong Kong and is ain't available most of the time at the bars in Lan Kwai Fong. But this is a dear drink to me because it tastes of cream, milk and strawberry with a pinch of tequila that makes this drink worth ordering. I just get it in Duty Free whenever I get a chance. Rarely do I get a chance to taste this so it's always good and special. Do try this y'all!

5. BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM, on the other hand is an Irish whiskey and cream based liquer, made by Gilbey's of Ireland. Compared to the TEQUILA ROSE, this could be shared among men. There are different variants that it could be served as. There's MINT CHOCOLATE, COFFEE, CREME CARAMEL, HAZELNUT, BISCOTTI AND ORANGE TRUFFLE, though the ORIGINAL is still my top choice from the rest. A friend of mine, Madame Beular Makehta, made a ref cake/dessert out of it once and made us all taste it. It was so good to wrap up dinner with plus some dancing in the end.


I remember we got this because of a buy-one-take-one deal in Singapore when we had our vacation there last year (2011). I actually got the lemon variant but this was waaaayyyy better. If you would ever have the chance to have dinner there with friends, do try this because it was more than satisfying. This drink reminds me of my good friends, Wendell and Earl who was the lead singer for the musical called, "LaVie" and who plays "SHE-DEVIL" in Universtal Studios' "Monster Rock"-show respectively. We celebrated both of their successful lives as dancers turned star vocalists. I made this drink go along with a triple threat. Shrimps, steak and grilled chicken! That beside me, is Wendell by the way. Great times!


Ahhhh.... there's nothing compared to reuniting with ladies
who are beautiful inside and out. This shot was at TIVO which
was introduced to us all by Carlie who knows Central, HK by heart.
This place offers free snacks with their happy hour cocktails.
My favorite to order here is their LYCHEE MARTINI.
Bitter and sweet. Just how I like it.

8. FAT TUESDAY drinks in Las Vegas are a must for an experience. Alright, in scouting clubs in vegas, it's good to start it up with this. Alcohol mixed with fruits. Alright, this one that I'm holding, there ain't no alcohol in it. Because I've had enough the night before and I still wanted to take a lot of "good" photos of the view. Plus my mom was accusing me already of being an alcoholic because I was drinking in Vegas! It just makes me laugh.

So, yeah, people, this could be a good addition to your experience list.

9. Earlier this year, Ate Beks, my sister's housemate brought us to  The Grove where a good terrace for cocktails stood next to Planet Dailies where we were going to have dinner. Three of us had cocktails and my mom pineapple juice. This was Khrista's choice and we did offer a sip of each of our own to share so that we would know how different each mix are. And I liked hers the most. Here is the mix of the said drink so you might want to mix it up for yourself at home.

What's so funny was, my mom ended up drinking Khrista's because we reminded her that she was driving that night so... she skipped.

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