Friday, December 21, 2012


12-21-12, predicted as the last day of the Earth or mere end of the world, had me thinking....


First, you might want to hear what this guy from NASA has to say.

This was discussed amongst my co-workers and I two days ago. All of them shared their own opinions and  ideas about it. One came up with a suggestion that we should go partying 'til wee hours of the morning (kind of like, having an "end-of-the-world" eve) so that at least, according to him, if our lives would end, we were happy at the very last minute. The rest of us just simultaneously said, "RRRIIGGGGHHHT!!!!". All agreed but one, "We going partying? Hell no!!! I'll be sleeping it off, readying myself to meet Jesus. And I'm sure I'm going to need a lot of energy." That brought out the laughs. I shared to them that I read in the newspaper about a man who had withdrew all his savings when he learned of the end of the world, not considering the fact that it is the end of the Mayan calendar, and had planned a trip around the world with all of the saved money to spend. I wonder if he was able to do so in less than 2 weeks. And if withdrawing it all did him any good. I never came up with any idea of my own 'til this morning when I opened the windows and saw how good the day had started. My boyfriend and I were off the same day today and like how we spend most of our days off together, we go to the city but he had made it extra special. He was supposed to have a party to go to in the evening but he ditched the idea and had just awoke to an irresistable invitation of taking me out on a date. It was a day of shopping, my choice of movie and a pleasant ginger bread latte day ender in Starbucks. And now that the day had gone by with no harm done on earth and the rest of humankind, I am thankful of yet another day lived. It wasn't doomsday for me. It surely went so good.

Please feel free sharing how you spent your doomsday.

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