Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 Prayer

To the Lord God above, 

You are our creator, You are our source of strength, 
You are the giver of life, and You alone sustain our existence here in the world. 
These are just but a few of your proof of love to us 
and there are endless ways that You tirelessly show this but often, we end up neglecting. 
We, as human beings, tend to underestimate what You are capable of giving, 
take free will for granted and abuse and/or ignore our talents. 
We humbly gather in Your name this New Year's Day, 
to uplift to You our awareness to such shortcoming. 
For without Your grace, we are nothing. 

Though despite how limited we are, we ask you to hear us as we thank You 
for each and every day of unconditional blessings. 
We are thankful of the air we breathe, 
the love that we receive 
and for the very reason that we are able to celebrate altogether tonight, for our jobs. 
Tonight, we pray for you to continuously touch our hearts with each other's presence, 
as we exchange smiles, greetings and gifts. 
May you bless the food that we would share tonight and may you bless us 
in abundance of this for as long as we live so that we may be able to share it to others. 
We pray that You may bless the people who had prepared our food, 
our managers and leaders who had helped us in making this gathering possible. 
And most of all, we pray that you bless our families who are not with us tonight 
and through the holidays because of great distances but who love us dearly.

All of these we pray in Your mighty name,


Here is a video presentation we have shown
at the party. This including the 3 last photos were 
Ariel, Twinkle and Tao who were also
part of the parade team.
Margaret who had been a one of the Staging Team
had graced us with her talent too the same way
like the others did. Much thanks to all of you
who shared the magic.

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