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May I present to you the
2012 gallery which had inspired me,
challenged me and got me amazed.
Credits to the people who had poured their talented
hearts and minds on working on these shots.
To show appreciation, I shared my own thoughts about each photo.
Have fun reading!


 This always is a good start for a lot of things.
Projects that you had been postponing to start and/or finish;
Habits, good or bad that you needed to work on;
Decisions that you have been planning to make;
Resolutions in general that you had been ignoring.
With all these tasks to be done, you need to be prepared
mentally and physically.
This picture reminds me to choose to live healthily
so as to help you have a sound judgement in setting your priorities straight.
That's actually the hardest step to do but every
step takes you further and further into reaching your goal.
My friends and loved ones had been supportive on making me quit smoking and
I love them for doing so. That was the best gift I could give myself.
Next to that would be having ample rest and eating the right kind of foods.
I will take it from there and assess once again when the year ends.
I suggest to you too not to be taken aback by fear of failure.
It is the main culprit of being successful at anything you want to achieve.


This picture reminds me of how magically two people are meant for each
other even at the bitter most situations. For the love month,
I choose a very creative picture of two faces kissing as coffe is spilled.
With the thirty years I have in my pocket of experiencing what life had to offer,
I know it's not that much experience yet to share.
But this, I would like to ask you.

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most:
saying something that you wish you hadn't
or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

Figure it out fast. There's no right answers nor wrong ones.
Just take note of the consequences.
There maybe bitterness (coffee) along the way,
but there's no flawless relationship.
Hold on to the person who treats you right and speaks
the language of love (kiss) you speak.  


I've always shared the importance of balance.
Again and again, this I've proven true.

So, may it be work or play, know the right balance.
This is a picture of Mickael and Caitanya, two people whom I have known at work,
two passionate and dedicated talents who value people 
they meet along their journey of greatness.
This picture reminds me that no matter how these two are becoming
famous and known by what they do, they take time
in knowing these kids as they perform for them.
Such humility is irreplaceable when the time comes because we,
as performers give our audience an impact that is beyond
influential. It creates dreams in young people's minds and
if nurtured well, they become contributors of a better society. On the other hand,
for those who are young at heart, they get to challenge themselves more and
more and continuously learn from what we impart to them.
As we share our culture thru a dance, as we express
emotions thru a song or basically how we become driven in doing
what we do best, we encourage them to be at their best.


As this month kicks in, we start to get accustomed to what we
had started in the month of January.
Challenges strike in and we slowly get distracted
and we start to get tired of keeping up with the task.
May this picture be a reminder for you not to give up 
on your goals, your dreams and your aspirations.
Learn how to assert yourself in daring situations.
Committing mistakes, experiencing hardships and realizing errors
should not be taken as a sign that you can never accomplish anything.
It means that you are on your way into becoming at your best.
It means that there's room for more. You can give more.
If you give more, make sure to sustain it or even make it better
Find that essential weapon in keeping you on top of your game. 
May it be your background music as you paint,
honest and consistent communication with your friend that keeps you abreast with your attitude,
or that latte to start you up in the morning, hold on to it. 



To your family, your friends, your self.
Embrace the real you. Being someone else that you're not
is exhausting and is not worth it of your time.
It is human nature to adapt to our environment.
And usually, we get lost in finding our way to full growth.
This remains true most especially when we want to belong so much
to a world in the form of peers, lifestyle and materialism.
 It's alright to have an ambition. But don't step on others to get to it.
It's alright to be competitive. But make sure it's a healthy one.  
A lot of us are in denial if I would say, 
the greatest enemy we would ever have is our own self. 
We are special, unique who deserves the BEST and should NEVER settle for less.
That goes the same with the rest of human race.
Therefore, love thy own self before wanting to be loved.
You would be the "only" way to getting treated good,
if you treat yourself good.
Give respect to yourself.
Clear your mind of guilt, speak of truth and do what is right.
You would experience yourself overcoming breaking points.
When it dawns to you that the world is unfair and is full of shit,
don't fret. It's normal. And most of the time, it's the pain body talking.
You don't mean it.
Most successful people had their darkest moments too.
  But it's life.
Learn the lesson fast and move forward.     


This is Ivy Chua. A Filipino, Japanese, American Chinese mix
whom I admire for being a strong woman. I've known her since I was
a teenager and she is a great innovator of herself.
She embraces changes, feeds on culture and loves life.

She owns the 3 f's every woman should have tied around her neck since birth:
Fearlessness, Fierce and Fun.
Half of the year would be gone and by this time,
reassess the new you.
You've started well, you've sustained interventions,
now, it's time to rediscover other opportunities.
Take a leap.


Let those thoughts fly by. Imagine and Create.
Generate ideas with your friends, take a stroll and let nature flow into you.
Be one with earth. If you live in a city, absorb its energy.
Pay close attention to details as this may inspire you
to develop a hidden ability, skill or hobby that could later on
benefit you in the long run.

Remember, IMAGINATION is more powerful than KNOWLEDGE.


Aging is inevitable, death can't be escaped.
Thru the journey of life, you'd meet elders that would be more than
willing to make you understand about life's complexities.
May I remind everybody to act accordingly.
Later on, you'd be imparting what you have learned as well to a younger generation.
Hence, don't neglect your responsibility to them.
Yes, I have said mistakes are reminders that you were
working on being at your best. But don't make a waste out of your life.
Keep the mistakes at minimum as much as you can.
That's why we have our parents to guide us.
You are not them. Nor you can replace their existence.
You can just make it better as you live your own life.
Refrain from acting childishly with the way you reason out,
aim to be appropriate when you dress up,
avoid desperate arguments to be excused 
for being ignorant of things that you should be aware of 
(e.g. laws, simple rules of life, basic norms).


Sometimes, we are pack rats.
We, human beings, tend to hold on to something
that we should have let go from the start.
This picture reminds me to let things happen.
Let the people who had to leave you in order to follow their own path go.
And if they would come back to you, then by all means, receive them with open arms.
Practice simply by decluttering your closet,
by setting things in their right places, keeping them organized.
This gives your mind a clearer perspective of say,
your living environment or your working station.
This will help you save time in looking for stuff when you need them,
or figuring what to wear right away saving you from being late to an event.


Yolanda dancing the Zombie Waltz in Hong Kong Disneyland's
Halloween Parade is worth complimenting on.
I've always been a fan of any form of shows, presentation or performance.
It's worth of my time and effort.
I know how actors/actresses, performers, and entertainers put
so much heart and passion with what they do.
And they deserved to be watched and applauded.

This month, make time in watching musicals,
reading a book, seeing a great movie or dancing to your favorite music.
ARTS plays a great role to our abstract thinking.
Other than the gifts of the 5 senses (vision, hearing, scent, taste and touch),  
there are three things that make us 
homo sapiens different from the rest of the animals.
Our ability to imagine, dream and reason out.
Appreciate a form of art, critic an article or don't hold back to an opinion.
This would benefit you one way or another.
Trust me.


I have to treat "my" month of all months in a special way.
This is the month I would be giving compliments on myself after being appreciative
of others' greatness. I would find ways in feeding my self-esteem.
To that, I would identify both my strengths and weaknesses.
You might be thinking that I'd be denying of myself of my weaknesses
to attain a good self confidence but no. I'd be working on them more
with the help of what I'm good at.
You see, I believe it's not only me who would treat reputation
as an important factor to attain self-achievement.
Everybody enjoys a moment or two under the lime light.
Let's face it, we are great balls of energy, FULL OF POTENTIAL
only if we set aside FEAR. 
But don't lose the most important realization,
There's a very thin line in practicing CONFIDENCE with being TOO PROUD.
And HUMILITY  should be practiced at all times.
Yes, work hard, be thankful for the credits they give you
but expect nothing in return. For the best effort given,
is the one given freely and passionately.
What you do is your own karma, what they do is their own karma.
You could choose "your" own birth month to make way for
pampering yourself this time.


At the end of the day, make time for loved ones.
Take a holiday trip with them and experience a vacation that you'll all remember fondly.
Share what you have in excess. Realize that there are others who don't
even have one tenth of what you own. Be appreciative of what you have
and stop complaining. Ranting is exhausting. 
Listen to a friend. That is the most priceless gift you can give.

Forgive those that have offended you.
Never forget the lesson.
Love unconditionally.
At all times when you don't know what to do,
And live like there's no tomorrow. 
Never get satisfied with just mere existing.

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