Monday, January 14, 2013


There are a lot of things that men don't know about women - TRUE! Or, should I say, they choose not to understand - TRUE!. Or, ok! I don't know maybe there are things about women that are just too much for them to comprehend. And the one question that is most outstanding in their little black book of "What Brings Out the B-I-A-T-C-H??????!" would be of course .... it's the... How to survive "THE" time of the month.

What they need to know first is, it's not the actual time of the month that they should be cautious about. It's actually the time of "PMS"-ing. (PMS stands for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.) According to the online urban dictionary, this is a powerful spell that women are put under about once every month, which gives them the strength of an ox, the stability of a Window's OS, and the scream of a banshee. Basically, man's worst nightmare. That is putting you into a mindset using the layman's terms.

WIKIPEDIA defined Pre-menstrual Syndrome as a collection of physical and emotional symptoms that usually happens during the luteal phase of a woman's menstrual cycle. To make it easier to understand, it is usually observed 10 days before the ladies have their period. But shortly before or after menstrual flow, it seizes. Considering the clinical condition seriously, it would be helpful to know what the symptoms are because let's face it! It greatly affects relationships which may lead to serious consequences. Literally and figuratively!

1. DYSPHORIA - Unexplainable and unpredictable emotional breakdown, unhappiness, dissatisfaction
2. Unbearable mood swings - super irritable but is needy
3. Heightened cravings for sweets - usually, once not satisfied, for sure, there'll be war
4. Physical discomforts - migraine, abdominal cramps, insomnia
5. Common and non-specific symptoms - stress, anxiety, fatigue

There you go. It's not just the women who should familiarize themselves with these symptoms but also the guys too. Getting informed of these would help you find some hints on how to juggle them and still have a good night together as this phenomenon occurs. Hints like "Oh! It's the time of the month! Maybe I should get her something like chocolates!" or sweep her off her feet again by giving her roses to simply show how you appreciate her. Both would satisfy her one way or another. It may be fun to come up with your own pleasant surprises for her if you may. It's on you if you want to take advantage of this negative thing to turn it into something positive. But let's put one thing straight, she just needs to get satisfied. A lot of understanding, patience and love are needed from the men, most especially during this time. You may go expensive but cuddling or just mere attention is better and less costly.

On the other hand, the ladies benefit from the knowledge of these symptoms by acknowledging which symptoms they may be having every month, and then identifying the pattern (as there are different patterns for every woman) so that they could manage it on their own. If you know that you're the kind who craves for sweets so much, bring a chocolate bar at least. If you think that you easily get bored, download an application on your phone that would keep you distracted. Simple things that would do wonders with your PMS.

But most importantly, identify the basic needs you should never neglect. Get ample sleep, avoid strenous activities and keep yourself safe. PMS could be so severe that it may end up fatal if attention is not paid.It may lead to depression and psychotic disorders that could make someone commit suicide.

Personally, I dread this time so much because it accounts most of the difficult times i had physically. I get abdominal cramps that it may make me cranky, needy and unbearable because of the dull pain i mostly experience. In fact, almost every month. I wouldn't deny it that it's also every month that my boyfriend and i get into petty fights because of it. I'm sure it's not just us who are experiencing this so I thought of sharing these to you. It's not like there's a remedy or health intervention that you should do but, prevention of these symptoms might be the only way.

To read further more about what disorders it can lead to once not resolved, click on the link below.

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