Sunday, February 03, 2013


Hogan and I love eating. As much as we can, we cook our own food and skip on fast food. Besides the general fact that it ain't healthy, we are very particular with the taste, presentation and ambiance. On rare occasions like having a day off together, we see to it that we satisfy our taste buds and explore together our cravings for different, zesty food. Today, we tried the La Kaffa Cafe that newly opened in the Kingswood Ginza Mall that people who live around here in Tin Shui Wai have been waiting for.

We were so surprised that on a Sunday when most restaurants are packed, this one, particularly wasn't. That invited us more to get in and check the menu. It looked so inviting with the images they have provided of the food. The breakfast selection was the most tempting with the big label, "ALL-DAY BREAKFAST" starting the run down. But then we decided that for dinner, we would skip to the MAIN COURSE. Here are the choices...

The deal isn't that bad. We salivated instantly and ordered right away as we got excited. I ordered steak and Hogan, his ever favorite, roasted lamb chops. In addition, we ordered Tomato Pasta with Mushrooms on the side. But were our expectations met? This was how our orders were presented to us.

Hahahaha! I was overwhelmed with how much sauce our food can swim in. Don't get me wrong, I'm very aware that at least, I have something to eat but being a food critic, and working hard to be able to pay for what you wanted to order is another thing. Hogan looked for the roasted potatoes on the side for his lamb (as how the menu looks like) but like how the label goes, it did just say "Premium Lamb Chops" while my steak specifically indicated "...with roast potatoes, salad and bell pepper sauce". They did give us a generous portion of "the sauce". Uhmmmm..... Just that. So he ordered a separate portion of roasted potatoes and comparing it to the image once again in the menu, we were disappointed. The photo on the left is from the menu and the one on the right was how it came to us.

What a total rip-off!!!! I wish I owned the place and for sure every customer that would go out of this restaurant will be satisfied. I ordered hot milk tea along with my meal and Hogan had the cold one. It lacked sugar and tea. I asked cheese for my pasta, all the people behind the counter seem to not know that cheese had to go with pasta. I mean, it wasn't available in the condiments section which I think is a must. Salt was put in a pepper container. Can you imagine how much we had to stand up for all of these? I mean how ridiculous is that! Hahaha!

Hogan and I had almost finished our bowl of pasta before his lamb chops came. And around 15 minutes after he finished his lamb chops came my steak. Hogan told me maybe it's the breakfast that's really their specialty. So, I asked if they were serving breakfast anytime in between their opening hours but I was surprised that the label, "ALL-DAY BREAKFAST" was the name of that specific choice. Like how McDonald's has a "BIG BREAKFAST" complete with the works. So don't be fooled! This cafe is no different from the rest. Don't ever think that they serve breakfast all day. It's really served just during breakfast. And so I studied the breakfast menu again and I saw the picture having a sausage, a portion of scrambled egg and many more. I was doubtful that it's going to be the same as how the picture goes. Hogan wants to give them another try tomorrow. He said he'll try their breakfast.... for a second chance. Good luck!

So, what I must say: It's too costly for such small serving, bad presentation and confusing taste. I wish they had put the sauce in a separate saucer or small bowl. They didn't even have a background music. LAAAAMMMMEEE!!!!! It's very unlikely that I'd come here again. No wonder, it wasn't packed.

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