Sunday, March 17, 2013

Different Ways of Wearing your Scarf

Dressing up is a good way to express yourself. Fashion gets innovated over time and it gives you an opportunity to recreate yourself thru it. To some people, SPRING is a season where you can play more with colors and layers. Personally, I find Spring to be a breather from the constricting months of Winter.

Lately, as we were bound to transfer to a different room apartment, I have been reintroduced to a number of scarves which I had forgotten that I've had while I was packing up. There was just a lot of them that I thought of how should I deal with this much. After learning the art of letting go thru the book, "Happiness Project", I kept my favorites that could help spice up a plain shirt or an old purse, or simply make a difference to a usual get up.

What we don't know is that scarves can be used in a lot of ways.

Rules 1 to 4 suggests using your scarves as a HEAD PIECE. Check out these fabulous styles that may give your long hair or the usual "pusod" a.k.a. (bun) an "umph". Just remember to take note of the different textile materials scarves are made of. Silky ones usually could easily slide off your soft long hair.

Rules 5-8 suggests scarves to be used as a NECK PIECE.  The secret to this style is to keep everything simple and to let the scarf alone be the highlight of the whole outfit.

Rules 9-12 could be tricky. The scarves here are used as part of the wardrobe, or can be the wardrobe itself. I consider it tricky as you should be able to mix and match it with the right accessories and colors. Be careful in tying them as well as it may glide down or get untangled easily. It depends on how you want to wear them too. If you will look at Rule 11, at the back, it may be a little bit revealing. If you're in this kind of situation, opt for using a bandeau and or double-sided tapes to keep everything in place.

  Rules 13-16 show more of a versatile way of wearing your scarf. For me, Rule 14 is the best.

There you go, I hope these 16 simple ways could help you out in continuously getting in touch with your creative side thru fashion. I never thought that scarves could be hidden treasures until I came across this featured article in Fashion and Beauty Magazine, HK last year so I thought of sharing it to you.

 Enjoy SPRING!

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