Thursday, March 21, 2013


Working overseas for nearly 6 years now had given me a lot of moments which (I am not really proud of to admit) had brought tears to my eyes. At first, it was all so distracting that it didn't sync in to me that you "need" to survive alone and "independently" (most of the time) whether you like it or not. As time passed, I've learned a lot, became mature in making decisions and prioritization and became strong in dealing with hurtful times. Each of us have our own struggles and so I've thought of helping out in my own little ways.

Ok! Since I was talking about working overseas, let me tell you the challenges I've encountered.

1. I have a very varied working environment, culture wise and it was pretty much interracial. I had dealt with different attitudes. I have met people who, as described by my friend Micah, could be superheroes because of the talent they got (if you're imaginative enough) - they can twirl, they can belt, they can eat fire. My point? I have to at least be educated of how they are as human beings having different backgrounds, growing differently from each other and observing their lifestyle. I should be able to communicate, adapt and most of all, work with them.

2. Once the day's work is done, I got lonely at times as instead of rice, Hong Kong people ate a lot of noodles. Taxi is way too much of a luxury. MTR is the best mode of transportation to go around. And there's just one Jollibee. VERY DIFFERENT FROM HOME.

But there's one thing that Hong Kong is reliable with, and it's the INTERNET. I learned where to go when it comes to being abreast with the latest TV series to keep me preoccupied and educated. And lately, here are the shows I want to share to you that you might find it hard to still feel lonely and clueless.

Besides making me feel good and making me laugh, these series helped me a lot in starting conversations with people. And talking about these series are far more better than just plainly gossiping and feeling negative. Some episodes make you even more driven for the next day at work - I often feel this when I watch Olivia Pope as an efficient fixer. Girl power! Hahaha! As my disclaimer would go, these are just little ways for you to be busy so that you won't have space and reasons for staying miserable. You might find it funny too!

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