Sunday, April 14, 2013

Being part of the Team Mushu

One of my January posts talked about the inspirational message I wanted to share to you all combined with my favorite pics for 2013. Challenging yourself into doing something new was one of the biggest advices that I've made which I find difficult to accomplish as well myself. But NOT today.

Dragon Boat Festival is annually celebrated in Hong Kong. It is a huge event where a lot of teams assemble to compete against each other for grand titles, awards and recognition. For 3 years, I've been a part of the cheer leading squad of our team called Team Mushu, Hong Kong Disneyland's Dragon Boat Team. It was not 'til today that I officially became part of it as I paddled my first race after 3 months of training.

For my Lifestyle Weekend, I would like to encourage you to try do something that you've never done before to reassess how well you are doing with your health and how determined you can still be. I am not claiming that I am perfect in fulfilling these two but it did make me realize of what I needed to work on with myself. When you realize your weaknesses, strengths come. Hold it and sustain it once you get hold of it. I exercised this today literally (during the race) and figuratively (for having a mind set of being competitive from 9am to 4pm). All in all, it was exhausting but it was worth it.

Today, we won 1st runner up, taking home the Silver Cup for the corporate division and 4th placer, taking home the Gold Cup. Going for the gold cup means you belong to the highest category of dragon boat racers in this event that was held in Repulse Bay.

I am truly proud to be part of this team and for this year, we still have a long way to go. Team Mushu had signed up for 9 races I believe and we are down by 1 with something to bring home like 2 trophies. I'd say, not bad! So, thank you to the whole TEAM MUSHU for welcoming me warmly and for training me to be at my best and strongest. I will forever treasure racing with you all. 1-2-3, GO TEAM MUSHU!!!

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