Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hey there! It's Tuesday once again and here are 
2 videos that you may like for my "Laidback Tuesday".
First is Anna Kendrick's rendition of "When I'm Gone".
I'm amazed that she got a special talent with the cups and
so are the other people who were in this MTV.
It's pretty great how they came up with this.
We've all seen, slap dance, dubstep and many more
dance innovations but this is the first of its kind.

This next video is a strong, promising collaboration
between and Justin Beiber.

A little bit of trivia about Will that amazed me
as I came across a video of his appointment by Intel
when I was researching this morning:, founder and chairman of, llc, 
is a multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator. 
A seven-time Grammy Award winner
 known for his work with The Black Eyed Peas, is a founding shareholder in Beats Electronics, 
the creators of the Beats by Dre™ headphones. 
As an enthusiastic user of technology 
and in recognition of his ability to harness technology to enhance
 entertainment, creativity and communication, 
Intel Corporation appointed as Director of Creative Innovation in 2011. is fusing the worlds of 
fashion, photography and mobile lifestyle 
by introducing camera accessories that are 
exclusively available at the Selfridges & Co. department store 
in London through the 2012 Holiday season.

- Google search & CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

On the other hand, Justin Beiber, besides the knowledge
that we have that almost half of the whole world's population
of teenage girls are swept off of their feet by him,
let's look at how it ended as is.

Many people ask how he became famous. 
His mom had put up videos on youtube 
and the record producer named scooter braun had paid attention.
After he saw him on youtube, he flew JB and his mother out to the company. 
JB saw Usher and ran towards him and asked "can i pleasee sing a song for you?!?!".
But before that, the record producer (Scotter) already warned him 
not to run to anyone but he obviously didn't listen. 
Usher said no. What would you expect?
So they went inside and showed JB to Scotter's boss and they said no. 
According to them, he's too young. 
Finally Scotter was smart enough to ask Usher himself for Justin to sing. 
Probably for Scotter, he's worth Usher's time 
as he knows how good the kid was in the youtube videos.
He loved it and BAM Justin is a teen sensation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
During that process, Justin Timberlake wanted to sign 
Teen Pop Sensation Justin Bieber.

During 2009-2010 year Justin Bieber became bigger 
than Stevie Wonder! He was nick-named "Boy Wonder".

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