Sunday, June 09, 2013


Have you ever doubted the saying, "MIRACLES HAPPEN."? Well, I have when I shouldn't.

As defined by Google, a MIRACLE is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine. And knowing this was just out of any human being's context. I mean, if there's no way of understanding the trend on how miracles happen, then you wouldn't know how to react, therefore not knowing what to expect. Simply put, "HOW CAN YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN?"

Let me share to you a story of my own simple miracle.

When I was in my high school days, I've been pro-active, I lived healthily, ate right and slept well. But I've always had a dillemma when dealing with that special time of the month amongst ladies. It always gave me DYSMENORRHEA (painful menses) often accompanied with NAUSEA and OVERFATIGUE. There was one day that I've been in so much pain that I had to go home at the middle of a school day. My parents were so alarmed about all the screaming so, we consulted a gynecologist and had to do PAP SMEAR at an early age. I was diagnosed of inverted uterus then. According to medical studies, 20% of women have this condition. This isn't categorized as a predisposing factor for an ailment or a disease to occur. It's just like identifying people who are left handed from the right handed ones. Though due to anatomical position, the doctor warned me that it may be hard for me to conceive a child because the ligaments that hold my uterus to position (facilitating easy conception) are shorter than the average. Hence, the pain that my menstruation causes. The doctor said, it could be a reproductive challenge.

From then on, a lingering worry whether I may or may not have a child had been present in my subconscious ever since. Due to limited knowledge and experience, I'd sometimes mask my worries with daydreaming. I remember assigning 25 as the age of me settling down and at least at 27, I'll be having my first baby already. IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

I was preoccupied with goals, job and traveling opportunities that my aspirations of having a family was quite put to a halt. Then it finally dawned to me that my sister's 2nd child is approaching his 7th year already; my friends have been getting married and having kids; all have been slowly and steadily settling down. I admit there was pressure there plus the fact that my mom was reminding me that I'm not getting any younger. However, my relationship was also at play. No matter how I plan things, the right person had to come. And he did. He actually agreed with me that it was time when I had realized, I'm already 30. We were both 30!Alright people, that time, we were talking about marriage 'til my younger sister told me about her plan to get married. Considering Philippine culture, we cannot marry in the same year (a.k.a. "sukob"). We were choosing a great timing when to do ours. Then.... the "MIRACLE" happened....

My period happens on irregular terms so, noticing I'm a week delayed wasn't a big deal. I was going to do the annual physical exam for Filipino overseas workers requested by our company here in Hong Kong as a protocol. It involves x-ray procedures. The physicians and nurses are very strict in checking if you're pregnant or not in undergoing these procedures so, I just did a home pregnancy test to be confident of my answer - which was a  "NO". And there you go, after the longest 3 minutes of my LIFE, the test revealed a very good news. I have conceived 3 weeks ago. And it was a Sunday, Mother's Day - my first!

 I told my Hogan that night and we instantly came up with names. Phoenix if it's going to be a girl and Raven if it's a boy. We agreed that we will choose birds' names so that wherever our child may be, he/she will soar high. Cheesy as it may seem, this is the first thing you would notice as you become a parent. You're just carrying a whole bundle of love that it transforms you from within. After letting our parents know and planning of what to do next, we are pleased to announce (after considering Chinese tradition that it should at least be almost 3 months before you let everybody know that you're carrying a child - to ensure its safety) that we are going to our 10th week of pregnancy and that the ultrasound had shown a very healthy baby owning a strong heartbeat and is nestled well in me. God knows how happy both Hogan and I are and we are so excited everyday checking on Babycenter (a very good application to download), how our baby develops everyday. Packed with videos and descriptive illustrations, this app gives us an idea of how our baby's progress goes as it grows its vital organs and how the mom could be helped out in adapting to changes of her own. I suggest that every mommy-to-be should download this on their smart phones.

I'm continuously dealing with a lot of physical changes. Except if I inhale strong perfume and Indian spices, I'm all good and ain't experiencing that much of morning sickness. I never had vomiting relating to my state. All in all, it's not giving me a hard time and I thank my husband for that. I'm one spoiled pregnant lady, I must say. We believe that if I'm in a stress free condition, the baby too would be feeling the same way. Our own theory goes that it won't give me a difficult time, if it's at ease. I am giving credits to my friend in sharing how "instincts" could play a great role.

I feel more than grateful of this gift, this bundle of joy and this angel inside me. I can't wait for my child to come by January 7. Also, I'm grateful for all of our families, friends and loved ones who took time to say congratulations, offering little bits and pieces of advices about being pregnant for the first time and most especially offering just about anything to make me feel at ease. Thank you for sharing this happiness with us that even if my child isn't out yet, all of you are showering him/her with abundant love. May the Lord be as kind to all of you as He was kind to Hogan and I.

Hogan with my little one's 1st photo with his celebratory cupcake!!!

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