Thursday, June 06, 2013

It's in your hands...

Here's something to take those blues away.

10 Truths that I have learned upon reaching my 30th year.

1. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. - We only have one life, so it's never an excuse to feel that it's too late to live yours. Make your  dreams come true because as long as your heart beats, you are still capable of doing something.

2. FAILURES ARE PART OF GROWING UP. - Being aware that you just have one life doesn't give you a license that everything will go too well. There's only one life yes, but it's not worth living when you don't get to encounter opposites. Someone you love dies so you get to appreciate life that is given to you. You experience being heart broken so that you get to figure out what true love is. Something precious to you is taken away so that you'd know how to treasure the next big thing. The irony in every situation you encounter is a preparation for you to get thru the next.

3. YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY- You are the one responsible for you own life. If you think it's not going too well right now, you have all the power to make that change.

4. THERE'S NO RIGHT OR WRONG, BUT THERE ARE WHAT YOU CALL CONSEQUENCES IN EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE. - Courage is earned thru out life as you learn from your own experiences. Don't be afraid when you are in a crossroad because whatever path you'll take, there's always a lesson that goes with it. Just a personal reminder, there are errors you could avoid from committing in the beginning. You just have to observe to the best of your ability.

5. TIMES IS GOLD. Believe in the power of NOW. Never stop learning. Never waste a second. And never doubt. Thinking twice is advised and knowing the best timing is a gift. Learn its art.

6. YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE EVERYBODY. - Minding negative people and negative situations are a complete waste of time and effort. Free yourself from unproductive environment. Empower yourself with people who don't hesitate giving you compliments, encouragement and people who doesn't hesitate telling you what you need to know, even though it hurts.

7. WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER. - And this strength doesn't necessarily come as physical strength. Oftentimes, the ones who act tough are the ones who had to mask weaknesses out. Ability to forgive, to let go and to restart are the best attributes of strength.

8. NOBODY IS EVER READY. - Engagement, promotion, marriage, pregnancy, sickness, death... I'd hail the people who really are so sure that they were ready upon dealing with these life changes. Don't fight back but learn to cope up. Humans have the natural ability to cope up. And you may find it hard to believe, but you are blessed to be in these kind of situations because it means you are given a chance to adapt, learn new survival skills and most of all, reap its goodness which is to be able to pass your own legacy.

9. EACH OF US DESERVES RESPECT. - We have come from different backgrounds, gone thru different circumstances, experienced different kind of pains. We are molded accordingly to be able to serve our purpose. Never judge.

10. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. - It comes from your own satisfaction from within. Be guilt-free. That's the ultimate form of happiness.

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