Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Tribute

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone
could give another person....
- Jim Valvano

I've known my dad as the protective kind. He would always remind us of errors that could be avoided from the beginning for us not to get hurt. He taught us how to be CAUTIOUS. I know this is the ultimate trait owned by every good parent. I thought I knew him just as that. But now that I'm about to become a parent too, I've come to realize that the saying, "our parents live in us" is true after all. And the best part is, he knew me more than I know him. He knew what I needed before I say it. He knew he had to allow me to gain full responsibility of my life. He was there to guide me; he encouraged me to fulfill my purpose, to seek it and make it happen, and most of all, he trusted and believed in what I can do.

He never contradicted my plans, he supports them more instead. He loved that my life is in balance. He was there in my volleyball games when I was in high school, watched some of my halftime shows for UAAP when I was still cheerleading, helped me to decide on Chemical Engineering in college then later on, encouraged me to become a nurse which I never regretted taking up. All in all, he respected my capacity to learn. He gave me enough leeway to come about the person I am right now.

There are so many similarities that I noticed I share with my father. My penmanship, my love for sports, my singing voice, my obsession to music and dance, my drive to learn, and my amazement towards nature's best. I learned how to cook, use the dictionary and encyclopedia by 8 years old, play chess by 11, socialize and become confident around people thru him. He taught me how to be compassionate, appreciative, humble and prayerful (both him and my mom were religious). My dad taught me how to give balance to life. He's funny, always the life of the party and he always gave us flowers when we were young during Valentine's Day and had made the difference between reward and punishment sound and clear.

I would never be able to accomplish my achievements if not for my dad's support. That being said, I wouldn't be the BEST me if not for him combined with my mom's BEST. Happy happy Father's Day and hope you'll enjoy your day today.

 And to all the fathers that I know, 
may God bless you of more days to spend with your families, 
more days to touch more lives and more days 
to become immortals as you pass on your legacy.

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