Tuesday, July 16, 2013

STEROIDS, are they good or bad?

Cory Monteith in the Kids Choice
Awards, 2010 - who would have known
that he's just left with 3 1/2 years
more to live?
So many lives had been taken from this world because of overuse of drugs or drug overdose. Two days ago, facebook had been bombarded with "RIP" wishes for Cory Monteith death because of an alarming reason: DRUG OD (Overdose)*. It is unexplainable how people resort to drugs in making them feel great; when as a matter of fact, the simplicity behind the logic that goes taking or ingesting anything beyond what you should (and this goes for just about anything - not just drugs) can be harmful and even fatal.

In the news, about sports today, there were athletes who had been tested positive for usage of illegal drugs, namely, Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay and Sherone Simpson. But they have denied such allegations of using it for personal gain since all they did was take the vitamin supplements that were advised to them by their personal trainors. As I researched, I didn't hesitate to share what I've read until a friend of mine had recommended to watch this video below to truly understand the serious conflict whether steroids (ANABOLIC STEROIDS* SPECIFICALLY) are beneficial and/or harmful. Since this had been known to affect athletes' performance, there's an underlying question if it should be accepted or considered illegal completely. Some competitions have banned certain steroids and once their athletes are tested positive of it, they would be instantly disqualified.

My personal opinion goes like this... What is the essence of having these competitions if you'd rely on enhancers? It makes the ultimate reason of awarding who is the best in terms of SPORTS (considering the basic elements behind it such as strength, stamina and most of all holistic health), goes absent. So, it is just but right to have these athletes tested. Otherwise, there's no point in it at all.

Be the judge and share your opinion with me by leaving a comment below. Oh! And this video is around 1 hour and 40 minutes. i will just share the first three and just search for it in if you want to continue watching. It's worth knowing about these things.


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