Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To my Favorite What If

Phoenix Raven,

I have waited for you for God knows how long.
I have uttered a prayer, hummed you a song.
The joy that you gave was short but sweet.
It almost made us crazy asking, why did you quit?

People encouraged us, gave us hope.
Your dad and I are finding ways to cope.
The depth of pain we feel afterwards,
just made us walk for yards and yards.

Your mom had done everything.
While your dad prayed and kept hoping
that someday we will get to hold you,
that someday there'd be three instead of two.

We dreamed for a baby,
to complete our family.
We were given an angel instead,
that made our love grow and not dead.

And you were more than a blessing,
"the little one" for some,
you'll always be my superhero
keeping me away from harm.

Now your purpose is done.
God has a reason, God has a plan.

For awhile we were mad,
for awhile we were blue.
But we will stay strong and hopeful,
all because of you.

I love you my child and so does your father.
So much that we, wish you to endlessly flutter
your wings as you play up there in the heavens.
We are glad that you, will never have worldly burdens.


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