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Autumn being part of my favorite season leads to another much awaited seasonal event in Hong Kong Disneyland. From October 4 - 31, every Thursday to Sunday, you are encouraged to dress up in your scariest outfit as you take the No-Scream challenge as a Halloween treat, the park has in store for you.
Vampire of Main Street

For all of these shows, attractions and rides that I am about to reveal, I'm afraid, it would be too hard to contain yourself. Halloween is all about the creatures of the underworld coming to life in Hong Kong Disneyland. Screaming, whether it'd be a reaction of fright or delight, is inevitable.

Let me start with the clash of evils. Vampires and werewolves roaming around Main Street. Beware for they might just give you a bite. It's just them welcoming you anyway.

Next on, the street caters to Hong Kong Disneyland's Glow in the Dark Halloween Parade where Jack starts the parade along with the imbeciles and devils, villains and creepy characters, featuring glow-in-the-dark effects, show stops and costumes.

Jack Skellington

Maleficent Dancer

Vampire Dancers by: Patrick Hui

There are SCREAM-NO-MORE Challenge Check Points where your might surely be tested. It is best to try each as it will surely give you unforgettable experiences. With that photo opportunity at Toy Story Land, don't miss the Baby Head where you'll be led to the RC Racer and the Parachute Drop. Spectacular rides that will surely take your breath away. Take it from my own experience.

RC Racer on the right, Parachute Drop on the left - both sharing the same height almost.

The Mystic Manor at Mystic Point awaits as you walk further. Lord Henry would take you to a magical adventure as his pet monkey, Albert opens up a mysterious box which makes inanimate things come to life. His manor is full of mystery that it is ready to take you to a whole new journey.

As you walk further, Grizzly Gulch mine cars await for you to explore underground caves but beware of the grizzly bears roaming around that may take you on a detour. It's up to you how you'd go about on the excitement it brings. But it doesn't stop there.

Adventureland which is next to Grizzly Gulch features the side performers who are ready to show their dark side. The Inferno and the Crystal Temptress manipulate fire and ice, the Bat-Boy and the Siren of the skies, as the website describes them, would be ready to reveal their dark side for you.

Furthermore, Adventureland's main attraction for Halloween fans would be the Revenge of the Headless Horseman. His main exhibit is all about claiming what really is his. Revenge is what he seeks so beware!

As you are about to leave Adventureland, the corner to Mainstreet holds another No-Scream-challenge checkpoint that surely would creep you out. The eerie Graves Academy, holds a dark curriculum developed from the decaying bookshelves of Principal Graves.

Way on the other side is the Fantasy Garden where your favorite characters are also in their Halloween getup ready to do meet and greet with their fabulous guests, YOU!!!

Mickey & Minnie with their friends welcoming Halloween

Lastly, your weekends are to be pumped up by the groove of the Galaxy Gothic Dancers and swag of the Hip Hop Dancers as you step in Tomorrowland. They are doing a show that you'll find yourself moving too; full of games, Diabolo Techno Performance by Luis Reis and a mind blowing Drum Exhibition by Hong Kong Disneyland's own musicians which; all in all sends out a powerful entertaining vibe.

Luis Reis, doing what he does best

There you go, my featured post for my Swaggin' Saturday. Visit the park with your family, friends and loved ones. Dress up, don't forget your cameras and make memories... Enjoy!

Credits to: Josh Antolin, Sammy Phu and Patrick Hui for the photographs used in this post.

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