Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Challenge to the Angels

It is very crucial to portray a Victoria's Secret Angel during the Halloween season
but despite that fact, a lot of 'em ladies and gentlegays choose this for a Halloween costume.
It continuously gets innovated every year though because of the "normal" people
adding their (because being an Angel is just extraordinary, huh!?)
own personal touch to the presented stylization.
Otherwise, what is the point of dressing up, right?
But then again, there are new creations that arise that are more daring, vulgar and adamant.
Sit down and relax as you watch this video of the The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013.

And then there's this video of the gays
strutting it liberally that I'm sure you'll be surprised with.
They are no angels but they are as great and real.
Compare and share your thoughts by leaving a comment.
That's it for my Laid Back Tuesday. Happy Halloween y'all!

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