Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The carnal taste buds of man would never deny its craving for grilled meat, chicken and seafood to perfection. It is seldom that I approve of a restaurant who knows how to cook my steaks but Sizzler located in Central Festival in Phuket, Thailand deserves a two thumbs up from my husband (who wants his steak meticulously well done) and I.

We have never heard of this place but we feel blessed stumbling on it as we strolled one of the 2 biggest malls in Phuket. We highly recommend it to tourists who desire great service, delicious food and enough serving. There's a wide variety to choose from.

Originally, Sizzlers started with a classic grilled steak or seafood plus a choice of salad and a roll until the owner started to include sandwiches and chicken combo meals until it paved the way for a change in the menu. We got attracted to the freshness of the food from the picture so we decided to have dinner there.

Being new to the place, we silently waited for our order as a very nice young woman invited us to go to the salad bar to get soup and salad for appetizers and reminded us that it comes complimentary to any order you do in Sizzler. We were impressed. I got cream of mushroom for my soup and prepared my own salad. Hogan made his own as well and this was already fun to do - very much appetizing.

Not too long, Hogan's order came and we were impressed with that much serving for each of the viand. Hogan went for the Grilled Salmon Teriyaki Steak which was cooked perfectly from outside in. The sauce presented the crispy skin of the salmon magically while the inside stays intact but soft, and as I tried it, it melted in the mouth gently. You could say it was fresh. And the other was Sizzling Grilled Prawns, again not burnt but you could taste the barbecue grilled experience. Smoky, garnished with garlic and sprinkled with little bit of chilly that made us go for more. You see, my husband and I are not fans of chilly but this one was good. We accepted the fact that more or less, staying in Thailand for 6 days would definitely make us eat chilli more than we usually did. So it was all good.

It's hard to satisfy Hogan's tactile sense probably because he is a good cook himself. He adores everything fresh and he makes sure that what he cooks is savory. When he says, "This tastes good." It means it's worth trying but that night, "Everything here tastes good. The salad actually had made me full almost." was all that he can say and just continued on until we were done with talking furthermore.

To convince you of how these viands were cooked fine, take a closer look via these images.

Sizzling Grilled Prawns served with roasted potato

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki Steak

As for me, I ordered a combination platter of Grilled Spicy Chicken and Grilled Pork Chop. I got attracted to the medium well pork chop photographed in the menu because when I order it, it always comes out dry and overcooked. But every time I travel, I always aim to feed my experience. I had doubts at first but to balance out Hogan's seafood line up, I gave it a chance and it did not fail me. I did miss out on seeing the word, "Spicy" with the chicken so I munched on the pork chop more. Served with mixed red, brown, white and oat rice with the salad on the side, it was a highly satisfactory meal. Behind the great number of sips from my pineapple juice (soooo refreshingly good), I had was nourished well. Too bad, we were so full (that's how worth it, the serving was, I ended up having a take out) that I wasn't able to have room for dessert.

Condiments Bar where you can get the soup, salad and dessert

Info to be considered:

Budget: 190 Baht/meal and up = 40-50 HKD and up
Mode of Payment: Cash (in Baht only), Credit
Location: Central Phuket
                     Central Festival 3rd Floor
                     Muang District, Phuket 83000
                     0-89779-3141(Don't hesitate to check their website.)

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