Thursday, December 12, 2013


It's hard to squeeze time when doing your Christmas shopping. You have the list of the people but you seem to can't figure out what could be a perfect gift for that particular name. I, myself, am on a struggle and I've forgotten that I have stacked one of my folders in Pinterest with a bunch of cool stuff that you may find helpful.


If the female friend you're about to give a gift to is one of those who has everything, it is truly a challenge to choose the right present. This particular piece is the best out there because it could stand for the main reason why your friendship flourishes so this will be treasured instantly. Its style is unique and imposes genuine emotion.

If you decide this for a girlfriend, it could be a pre-engagement gift 'til you drop the question for your girlfriend's "Yes!" to a proposed marriage.

You can purchase it online via Etsy for US$8.0 or have it custom made from your favorite jewelry shop.


Breakfast is important for morning people like me. That small detail about your friend should help you in picking this amazing all-around brekky maker. I need not say more, just take a good look at that.


Got a friend who just had a baby and you seem to be having difficulty of choosing what's the best gift for her?

Well, this Dump-a-Day baby changing table and bag in one would give all the comfort that the baby wants and the ease that mommy needs in addressing nature's call. Anytime and anywhere, you're friend will find it convenient to change her baby's diapers in a jiffy. Most of public toilets do not hold the room for it and most mommies worry about this. Complete with a lot of pockets, it can surely hold bottles, diapers, and everything that your friend and her baby needs. Almost everything could fit in it. Also, with its very mechanical and efficient design, daddy won't feel embarrassed to swing it on his shoulder. Once your mommy friend opens this, she'll find you heaven sent!


It's quite amazing if you'll find an elegant gift but is actually an efficient tool at the same time.

A&R Store online offers you a simple yet efficient tool in cutting and serving cakes. This gift is the best for your baker friends, chefs and party planners. This stainless cake cutter, which is easy to wash, is best (but not limited to) used in weddings and formal gatherings. 

This will be instantly loved as it is easy to flaunt with its glamorous design and sleek appearance. Get ready to be served by your friend with this the next time you will be invited for an afternoon tea.


In addition to the cake cutter above, here is another gift for the food lovers out there. Because of numerous DIY websites, so many hobbyists become entrepreneurs in their own right. Investments are a must to keep the business running. Most importantly, it should be well advertised. And it will truly help cupcake bakers to showcase their talent if they have this 3-Tier Tree Slice Large Cupcake Stand. 

Order and have it shipped to your friend via Etsy. Price is at US$120. It is more than its worth.


I don't know about you but I love cooking. Though the hardest part is cleaning up afterwards, a solution had been invented.

This next gift idea is what you call the Scrap Trap and Bin. This may be ordered by visiting and price ranges from US$10-13 (excluding shipping fee). This is good for people on-the-go and those who loves getting organized.


We live in a fast paced world where it had been a must to keep up with the newest innovations. Although this maybe just for Ipad users, it maybe handy to give this (or anything alike) to students and workaholics to lighten up their load.

There are also mini printers that photo booth entrepreneurs could use from Canon. Either of these would make any project output ready-to-go.


Living in Hong Kong is challenging because apartments aren't that spacious. This smart couch could benefit you and your housemates for easy breezy spacious living. Dump-a-day released these genius ideas and I was trying to keep track of where you could purchase this but unfortunately, I couldn't find it. Let me know once you get hold of any information, please?


There's no better gift than the gift of laughter so why not be humorous with your choice?

Everybody seems so hooked nowadays with a lot of social networks. Whether it's for business, keeping in touch with friends and family or just for the heck of having something to do, most of our time get spent on it. It gets to a point that you need to make your friend aware of it.

Now, this next gift could remind him/her to lay low from it because they have to see it everyday even in the shower.....

....or not! LOL!!!

Either way, it's funny and it's beyond anybody's expectation. This is one of 2013's Holiday deals in Place your orders there and they'll ship the finished profile you've made with a good deal that is less than US$20 most especially if you'd order now.


Thinking of how to reward your folks this Christmas?

Besides that trip you are planning to send them off to, pimp the porch with this seat whose handles could hold a glass of wine as they relax watching the sunset at the end of the day. This encourages good conversation to flow with that comfortable design of the seat and the convenience that go with it.

This actually is considered a garden seat but of course, you can use it however and put it wherever. The porch idea was just my own but if you'd check out the website of Wine Barrel Products, you'd learn about this seats more.

I hope this had helped you out guys. If in doubt of whether you made the right choice, ask yourself if you want to receive that gift and if the answer is yes, more likely, you're in the right track. If you know any more websites or you've also written one, please do share by leaving the website in the comment box below because I need to know more of them to complete my own list too.

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