Monday, December 02, 2013


It had been almost a month that famous social networks had been bombarded by news about Haiyan victims, issues and donation drives yet there's one (unexpectedly) that would leave a mark not only to the Philippines but to the whole world. This is Paul Walker's shout out to the Fast and the Furious fans, the last recorded video of the movie star before he passed away last November 30, 2013. Let's take a look.

Paul Walker, who just celebrated his 40th birthday, was on his way to a car show supporting Philippines, still recovering from getting hit by the super typhoon Haiyan, leaving hundreds of people homeless, hungry and sick. His friend who was driving then had lost control of the car, hit a tree and exploded instantly leaving both his friend and Paul Walker dead. The actor, famously known as Brian O'Conner, (because of his starring role in the Fast and the Furious movies) was also known of letting his Porsche be driven for extensive efforts to help out and for the car show's success.

In addition to this humanitarian deed that I would like to feature on my Laid-back Tuesday, is Angelina Jolie's moving speech for being given the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award last November 16, during the 2013 Governor's Awards, held in the Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, California.

It is indeed humbling that these people don't hesitate in helping those who are in need despite the fact that they are beyond our reach in terms of status, fame and finances yet they choose to stay grounded, responsible of others and purposeful. I am in awe.

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