Monday, December 16, 2013



Have you noticed how you have used your android phone since you woke up this morning? You have charged it over night, woke up at 9am then by 9:35am, the battery life is all of a sudden at 90%. For some unknown calculation, it uses up your battery more than expected even if you have set the "energy saving mode" on already.

What do you do?

You always bring the charger with you. Because anyway, you'll always find a socket somewhere to steal some 5% charge, good enough to aid your post in Instagram. But like you, the rest of android phone users, which is basically, EVERYBODY ELSE, are  trying to do the same tactic. You don't want it to get tangled with the other chargers so, I encourage you to personalize them.

Choose stickers that will identify your own or be creative by choosing any pattern and by using a clear scotch tape,  decorate the charger according to your own preference and as to how you'd want everybody else label it as "yours" just by looking at it.


Now, I know somehow, somewhere, you have an incomplete bag of tiles of scrabble lying around. You want to get rid of it but can't seem to detach yourself from how cool it used to be. But because of its availability online, scrabble apps are much preferred than the real game board.

Do you just throw it out? 

You can reuse it once again by making coasters out of the tiles and save your varnished table from getting stained. This may also be used as paper weights or decor in your game room.


Latest digital gadgets and android phones have given us the easiest and fastest access to photos. But what do we do with those that were developed years ago?

Now, boxes for keepsakes can be pimped this way. Place the images in line with each other, so much so, that it would be a different type of a photo album. It can be simply done by seeing the picture on the right for your own reference. It could be arranged in special ways like how your love story started with your husband or in a way from how you evolved and grew up. Like from infant until how you look like at the present. All of it lies in your own imagination so don't be afraid to unleash its potential. You may be surprised with what good output it could create.

This is a good project to flaunt to guests who may come visit you.


Planning to decorate your meditation room with something peaceful or serene? This artwork can actually turn any room so comfortable, most especially with that knowledge that you made it. It will give your self esteem an extra boost which may be a good source of energy to continuously become productive.

Again, the image shows everything that you'll need. If you have other hues that may be used besides pink, let me know by leaving the idea in the comment box below.


Now that the Holiday season is here, you may be able to give your friends something that you personally made by following these simple steps in coming up with a friendship bracelet. You can base the beads to be used according to what your friend's favorite colors are. It's safe, cheap and personally handcrafted, how can that not be EXTRA SPECIAL?

Now you see, there are a lot of things that you can get created when you open your eyes to everything. Let what you see become an inspiration everyday and stick to your craft. To some people, DIY crafts make them breathe, calms them down and feeds their creativity that aids their skills, talent and satisfaction. It could be more rewarding once you get some old stuff lying around get reused in coming up with projects. If you, by any chance have some to share, please leave the links down below so that we could feature your work since Mondays are dedicated for DIY projects.

Have a fun productive DIY Monday!

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