Sunday, February 16, 2014


It had been almost 7 years before I have let go of my SONY Vaio belonging to VGN-SZ series. I still won't because performance wise, it still satisfies me except for the dying screen.

According to the surgeons of Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po, including my ever trusted people in Fu Tung, it easily heats up because of the principle of "Wear-and-Tear" and this is what makes the screen act up. But it was really time to say goodbye to it too and say hello to my new toy MacBook Air courtesy of my husband.

Nothing fancy this year compared to our other Valentine's before. It is our first Valentine's together as husband and wife, yes. ... and it's the start of accepting priorities and answering to needs first before whims. So, instead of flowers (which may die out in 3 days), chocolates (which, I'm not a fan), jewellery (which is plainly luxurious but useless), he had given me a shopping spree for whatever laptop I would choose. uBerYEHEY!!!!

I was having a toss of which to get: ACER ASPIRE S7 or MacBook Air but reviews, friends and my husband had advised the latter. I was a little bit worried in terms of how accustomed I was with using Windows for a long time. And the knowledge I'm holding onto upon purchasing MacBook was from using my iPhone 4 before. I'm starting to explore by posting this blog using it for the first time. Reviews and comparisons will be posted soon as I get familiar with it.

Thank you so much Hogan. I LOVE YOU.

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