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Hong Kong, as it sits on the southeastern China, is surrounded by a naval harbour, making it a melting pot that holds a dense population. The people are made up of different kinds of races, owning different kinds of culture. On top of that, a lot of tourists come in and out of Hong Kong. So the country caters to a wide array of cravings, expectations and demands in terms of food, entertainment and adventure.

Here's a list of what to do as you visit and stay here in Hong Kong.


Most of us love instant gratification. To Asians who had been longing to have a Disneyland experience, flying to Hong Kong becomes the first consideration. I was born in Manila, Philippines and seldom did I meet anybody there who's not a Disney baby. Meaning, we all love Disney. So if you're looking for a sure fun, money worthy and a place for your entire family, then this is definitely a place to list down your itinerary.

Photo by: Gail Nicolas
Don't forget to have fun when taking pictures.
Instead of doing the usual smile and stand,
enjoy and jump! It gives you almost that exciting feeling if you see
it again as you reminisce thru your Disney memorabilia.

Location: Penny's Bay, Lantau Island

Admission  for the single day pass:

a. Child (Ages 3 to 11) = HK$355
 * 3 and below can come in for FREE
b. General Admission (Ages 12 to 64) = HK$499
c. Senior (Ages 65 and above) = HK100

You may know more regarding the theme park's on-season shows, other discount prices and hotel packages thru their website: . Based on experience, it's advisable to get a 2-day pass since the park had expanded greatly in terms of location that one day is not enough to cover everything there is worthy to see. I also would like to share to you that once the park opens, you may go straight to walking the farthest since for sure, the people would be going firstly to what's available in front of them but just to give out a useful information, every land starts operating altogether. So, line up for the rides that are located at the farthest end because for sure, it's not that packed yet.


After riding the cable car,
here's a good spot to take pictures for
your own souvenir.
Ngong Ping Cable Car Ride was called Tung Chung Cable Car Project originally. This project was made to enhance the Tung Chung area as a tourist spot for the Big Buddha had gained fame amongst tourists as well did the Tung Chung Citygate Outlet Mall. The branding Ngong Ping 360 had changed it to its current name and since then, commercial establishments and shops had metastasised at the cable ride stops. I love how Starbucks situates the alley where a lot of shows happen depending on the season. To get abreast with what shows they have, go for their suggested itinerary by visiting their website, .

Location: Lantau Island
(It is pretty much accessible to any mode of transportation. If you are interested to see your options as to what's the best route to take, click here.)

Admission for the single day pass:

Round-trip *Standard Cabin for:

CHILDREN (3-11) = HK$85
SENIORS (65+) = HK$115

Round-trip **Crystal Cabin for:

CHILDREN (3-11) = HK$175
SENIORS (65+) = HK$205

*Standard Cabin is big enough to share with other people. If there are 4 of you, most likely, you'll be sharing with one more person or 2 during the trip. **Crystal Cabin is much pricey because the entire cabin is made up of crystal glass that makes you see everything even the floor that you're stepping on to. So, it's going to give you a more memorable experience of the cable car ride. In addition, you can also go for a Private Cabin which I strongly suggest if there's enough people to go, by all means go for this one.

So, in Lantau Island alone, there are quite a lot to experience already. From Hong Kong Disneyland, to riding the cable car and shopping gallantly at the City Gate outlets, it's an assured one hell of a trip if you're going to allot 3 days and 2 nights around this area. To top it all off, there are mini jewels here and there in terms of sceneries, restaurants and beaches to lounge in. There's Discovery Bay that holds a beach, a plaza and is surrounded with cocktail bars and western restaurants. If you catch it on time, Dragon Boat Races are held here every Summer too. And cheap siu mei and pearl milk tea stalls, both Hong Kong favourites, are sold around Tung Chung area. To get hold of a number of list of affordable yet satisfying Hong Kong treats, click here.


It's amazing to see a city come MORE alive starting from the happy hours of 5 to 10 (and then God knows up until when after that). As the busy working people swarm Lan Kwai Fong slowly for either its good wine and dine restaus, live band music or just for a street party, you would see how diverse Hong Kong had become.

Now, I should warn the lovers of heels out there. Lan Kwai Fong streets are quite a challenge because it goes uphill and may get you tired in no time if you plan to start your night early.

Hong Kong locals and tourists alike hail happy hours. Drinks could be pricey depending on which bar you want to hang around in. TIVO, ALCHEMY, DRAGON-I, SOLAS, MARLIN'S, HARD ROCK CAFE, SEVVA, RED BAR, AQUA, HONI HONI and LE BUDOIR are some of the clubs that are popular nowadays.

Now, don't expect an easy way of parking in the area. It's best to just take a cab to finish the night off. That's the best piece of advice I can give you. Of course there's always an option of taking the bus or the last trip via train. With that being laid out there, it's safe to have around HK$300 up to bring with you to party all the way.

Central, also, is accessible by ferries. If you have time, include AQUA LUNA in your itinerary. Hong Kong's harbour is one of the most sought after by a lot of traders because of its advantage in being open to navigating shipping goods. Hong Kong maximises the use of this harbour by opening it to tourists as well with its Symphony of Lights Show and surrounding it with its very own walk of fame patterned after Hollywood's, the Avenue of Stars! Aqua Luna in Cantonese is called, Cheung Po Tsai, meaning a Chinese junk operating in Victoria Harbour. To know some prices of the trips to and fro the district nearest you, check their website out.

Avenue of Stars

One of the many great things I love doing is eating good food, enjoying a very good view, sharing the experience with good company. I am enlisting this to be included in anybody's itinerary because it's truly something that you should not let pass.

I experienced brunch in the Jumbo Floating Restaurant and we had overflowing wine in between. It felt like "THE" best brunch I've ever had! The crab legs were scrumptiously sweet, the lamb shack was so melting in my mouth and their fried rice is not that simple. It got the works! Those specially mentioned is not even a third of how incredible the food is in this place.

Now, I suggest for you to make reservations at least a day before for it's really crowded during lunch and dinner time. The boat can hold as much as 2300 people but they are pretty much in demand. Celebrities love dining here too. They actually have a gallery of the famous people that had visited this huge floating restaurant making it the only one there is in the world.

Their menu has a wide array of dishes but they had made a name with their seafood dishes. There are over 100 dishes to choose from that I suggest you go for the Top Deck Brunch! They honour discounts from certain credit cards and VIP cards and if you go HK$600 and over worth of your dining experience, single receipt, you can reimburse your taxi fare by presenting your taxi fare receipt. Please do inquire from any of the staff or server regarding this information to be sure.

Location: Sham Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen

*You actually would be needing to ride a boat to reach the restaurant. It's part of the experience.

Contact details/website: 2553 9111,

Now, how to get here...

From Hong Kong/Central Station, go to the Exchange Square Terminus where you can take Bus 70 to Aberdeen. Upon reaching Aberdeen Terminus, use the pedestrian tunnel to cross the highway. Turn right and walk towards the pier where free ferries await. The bus fare costs around HK$6.00. You can take the cab from Central too so there are options that you can consider. Whichever works best for you or your friends is highly recommended. 


A lot of tourists see to it that they get to visit Macau whenever going to Hong Kong because they want to see some shows/concerts, they want to do bungee jumping, they want to visit the church ruins and of course, it's VEGAS on steroids. It is 5 times as big as Vegas and has 10 times more with its hotel rooms. It is the only place in China where gambling is legal.

  1. Macau is a small peninsula in mainland China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. A Portuguese overseas territory until 1999, it reflects a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences. Its giant casinos and extravagant malls have earned it the nickname, the "Las Vegas of Asia." One of its more striking landmarks is 338m-high Macau Tower, with sweeping city views.

If you are coming from Hong Kong, check out the Cotai terminal. TurboJets are there to bring you straight to Macau within an hour. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it's better to give yourself enough time allowance because so many people are coming back and forth. Trips happen every 30 minutes at least.

When visiting Macao, budget that you should have at hand should be at least HK$500 and up. 

Don't miss on paying the Venetian Macao a visit to try the Gondola experience, seeing the church ruins and antique shops in the city and of course, the infamous House of Dancing Water in City of Dreams.

Venetian holds a lot of visitors per year. So don't hesitate on making a booking before hand.

VENETIAN MACAO ROOM RATES start at a very affordable HK$1,328++, the best price that offers free WIFI. Extra 30% off if you book 14 days before and 20% off if you book 7 days before.

Contact Details: - website
Hotline: +853-2882-8888

HOUSE OF DANCING WATER TICKETING starts at HK$580. They have special discount for children, senior citizens, students and Macau residents provided you are able to show your ID as proof. Click here if you want more detailed pricing and seating options.

atop the free-entry observation deck
of The Peak Galleria

Location: Mid Levels, Hong Kong

This may not be much of a good shot in terms of showing what the peak could offer. We went in a
November and it seemed like it was too humid making the view of the background from the camera a little bit hazy. But this I have to say, if you didn't visit Victoria Peak when you come to Hong Kong, then it seems like you didn't come at all.

According to WIKIPEDIA, the Victoria Peak is a mountain in the western half of the Hong Kong Island. It is also known as Mt. Austin but is mostly known by the locals as "The Peak". It doesn't end in the souvenir shops, restaurants and the great view, Maddam Tussaud's is another place to check out. The original Madam Tussaud's museum, located in London, had inspired this to be as extravagant to cater to every tourist's hunger for anything extraordinary. This museum isn't just for those who are into arts but also to those who is quite knowledgeable in history and of famous and influential people.

How to get to Victoria Peak? You can, number 1, take the boring cab (excuse my sarcasm...) or you can have, number 2, a virtual tour of the mountain via the historical Peak Tram.

Located at Lower Terminus, The PEAK TRAM Historical Gallery is a way of paying tribute to The Peak Tram,
its heritage and the history of Hong Kong. Since 1888, The Peak Tram has served Hong Kong, quietly witnessing
120 years of the city's changes. The Gallery brings back many memories for local visitors and
gives overseas visitors a glimpse of how the Pearl of the Orient has come to shine.

Reach the PEAK TRAM by taking Bus 15C from the lay-by outside the Central Pier, or walk from the Central Station then take Exit J2.

Number 3, take the Bus 15 from Exchange Square bus terminus (near MTR Hong Kong, Exit D)
Number 4, take the Minibus 1 from MTR Hong Kong Station public transport interchange.

Peak Tram Ticket Prices: (Prices effective from January 1, 2015)

Adult - Return: HK$40
             Single: HK$28

Children & Seniors (65 and above) - Return: HK$18
                                                            Single: HK$11

Peak Tram Operating hours: 7am-12mn (Mondays-Sundays, incluing Public Holidays)
Frequency: Departs every 10-15 minutes
Contact Details: +852-2522-0922 (Tel)


* Do you want to be able to train like Ip Man?
* Try how Marilyn Monroe's skirt got blown up.
* Walk the ramp with famous models.
* Be able to have a portrait with Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gough?
* Would you want to transform yourself into Wolverine's ally and possess your own invincible claws?

Well, you can all make this happen as you walk thru Madamme Tussaud's Wax Museum right on Victoria's Peak. Hit two birds with one stone by making your trip up the mountain more memorable. This wax museum is based on the original one in London. Packed along with Asian celebrities, Madamme Tussaud's is worthy to experience if you're a first timer in the Peak.

Operating hours: Open daily from 10am until 10pm
Admission tickets: Adult - HK$245
                               Child (3-11) & Seniors (65 and above) - HK$175

*It's advisable to book your tickets online and have a major discount if you book ahead as an early bird.


taken during a colleague's birthday party
Hong Kong holds an array of nice parks, areas, exhibits, malls and galleries which are worth the space in your android. Let me start off with the Tsing Ma Bridge.

The Tsing Ma Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the whole world that can both hold rail and road traffic. I get to pass thru it twice a day, every working day. This bridge connects the Lantau Island (my working place is situated here) to the rest of Hong Kong. So basically, Tsing Ma Bridge serves me just right. Not to mention, it gives me a breathtaking view each time, day or night, it's beautiful. And the more I appreciated this place when I got to see it from Park Island.

Whenever I see Park Island, "it is my dream place to live in in Hong Kong", I say. But for now, I can't so all I can do is admire the place. It's easy to go down here anyway. Most especially during Summer as the beach is open to public I recall.

So, just hit Tsing Yi Station via MTR. Take Exit A1 and then take a mini bus 308M or from there, you can access Park Island via taxi too. Whenever I see this place, I easily compare it to Discovery Bay because they're both pretty and somehow owns that serene atmosphere but then I remember how inaccessible Dbay is by cab and then it makes it a no contest from there.

Noah's Ark is another tourist attraction that you may see while you're in Park Island. It had become an iconic place that stands up for Ma Wan's mission in fostering family values, love, social harmony and care for the environment.

Parents, learning institutions, NGO's, religious groups and businesses are encouraged to bring their kids, staff and instructors here to propagate social awareness early on in terms of inflicting love for self and others, love for the environment and love for life itself. The park has a an Ark Expo, Ark Garden, Adventureland, Ark Life Education House and a Treasure House. So there's a lot of things to do and see.

Operating hours: Open daily from 9:45am until 5:30pm
Admission Tickets: General - HK$168
              Child (3-11) and Senior (65 above) ticket: HK$138
* If you'll purchase your ticket online, you can get discounts.
* Religious groups, NGO's and schools may contact Noah's Ark Mission Development Team at (852) 3411 8714 or email to:
* Travel agents may contact Noah's Ark sales team at (852) 3411 8700 or email to

the fabulous Park Island
As you take the MTR and goes to an exchange transit like Tsim Sha Tsui, it extends to different establishments and the most accessible that I find is K11. It has a posh feel with its classy interior and classic art pieces on display. It extends to an alley that is decorated depending on the season. Once I passed by it in December and they had put up a mini kaleidoscope world. This mall has luxurious shops that every big spender would never have a problem getting magnetised to.

This photo is my most favourite of all because it is made up of toasted bread. 

K11 Mall is a shopping mall in Hong Kong located in the Masterpiece, honed by New World Development and was completed in December of 2009. It is claimed to be the first "Art Mall" in the world. Hyatt Regency, one of the most known prestigious hotels, which sits atop one of its floors (K11 got 6 floors) is the cherry on top of the ice cream. 

Location: 18 Hanoi Road
Operating hours: Open daily from 10am-10pm
How to access via MTR: Take TST Exits D1, D2, G and N1
Contact details: (852) 3118 8070

1881 Heritage should not be missed as well. It got seasonal decors that are good for photo ops and it needs little photoshoppin'! After shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui, head to this scenic area where you can sit and just get mesmerised with its Victorian era appeal. 1881 is a real Hong Kong experience. Going there is for free, taking photos is for free, sight seeing is for free and yet you get hold of a true historic place for these are the headquarters of the Hong Kong Marine Police from 1800s 'til 1996. They have preserved the place but had embraced transformation by putting up designer shops, fine dining restaurants, a heritage hotel and an exhibition hall. This is actually across the Avenue of the Stars so, you can visit these all at the same time in a day.

There are a lot more to learn about how historic this place is as you visit their website. 

Location: 2A, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Contact details: (852) 2926-8000
How to get there: Take the MTR, go down at TST and then take Exit E, walk towards Salisbury road, turn right then take subway (pedestrian tunnel) next to YMCA to 1881 Heritage.


Given, Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong's oldest attractions. I remember it standing there since the first time I visited Hong Kong way back 1994. Up until now, it doesn't fail to bring excitement each time. My husband still couldn't deal with some of its suspense rides but visiting here is still entertaining. Most of its attractions cater to the pumping adrenalin of the young adults but now, I'm thinking of bringing my daughter for her to get acquainted with the sea world. They are known for their huge aquariums and as time went on, it served as an attraction to many families, extending fun to different age groups. They have cable cars too as it connects two mountains building the entire park.

Admission and operating hours could be accessed and booked by clicking here
Location: Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island
Contact details: (852) 3923-2323
How to get there: Take the Bus 629 from Central Pier 7 or from MTR Admiralty Station, take Exit B and alight at the park

The park is composed of the following attractions:
1. Adventures in Australia
2. Shark Mystique
3. Polar Adventure
4. Old Hong Kong
5. Thrillmountain
6. Rainforest
7. Aquacity
8. Amazing Asian Animals

Take your pick and hopefully, you can finish the whole of it. This advice may be unsolicited but trust me, you will need to at least be in your most comfortable shoes in visiting Ocean Park.


Hong Kong makes sure that all its natural resources are well protected. That protection extends up to its rich marine life and remote areas. Sai Kung is considered as the "backyard of Hong Kong". That being said, it's kept tidy and untouched because of its remote location. Hence, it had become an attraction amongst adventure seekers and divers alike to experience its diverse marine life.

Junk Boat Trips are "it" in Hong Kong most especially during the Summer season. For many adventurers, Sai Kung is a paradise. Besides swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and doing other fun water activities, Sai Kung is also a good place to hike and had been enjoyed by a lot due to junk boat trips that took voyage.
I, personally was a fan of junk boat trips. Some of the volcanic rock formations from 140 million years ago had enveloped its coastline with the perfect venue for having a photo shoot for your own remembrance and of course, for fun. Its waters aren't too salty and no harmful corals underneath so it's really nice to swim in its beaches. Summer maybe a little tricky though because this season in Hong Kong is also the rainy season. Junk boats would have to go back to Sai Kung Pier when this happens and will stop operation. It's safe unless you choose not to... if you know you're drunk, don't swim from the junk boat to the beach. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS ADVICE SERIOUSLY.

Junk boats fee depend on how many are onboard. Three years ago, prices start from HK$200/person up excluding drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages). When you say junk, don't expect that it's a dirty boat, it's actually presentable enough for you to have a good time and usually, they have karaoke set up inside. So, this usually affects the price but overall, the experience is worth it.

As the sun sets, Sai Kung got restaurants that are ready to impress you with fresh seafood. Don't hesitate to take your time in having dinner with some friends and colleagues to complete your Sai Kung trip. A more detailed booking for different kinds of yachts, boats and Sai Kung packages may be checked out here.

How to get to Sai Kung pier: 


(i) MTR to Choi Hung MTR Station then from station exit C2 take Green Minibus 1A (24 hour service approx every 3-5 mins – journey time about 25 mins) to Sai Kung Minibus Station (next to the promenade). KMB Bus 92 (see below), also stops outside exit C2 of Choi Hung MTR Station.

The green minibus stop for Sai Kung is located about 50-metres to the left, on reaching street level from exit C2 of Choi Hung MTR Station

KMB Bus 92 to Sai Kung, which starts at Diamond Hill Station (see below), also passes Choi Hung Station, where the bus stop is located about 50-metres to the right, on reaching street level from station exit C2

(ii) MTR to Diamond Hill MTR Station then KMB bus service 92 (approx every 12/20 mins – journey time about 40 mins) to Sai Kung Bus Terminus (next to promenade).

(iii) MTR to Tseung Kwan O MTR Station or Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station, then from the bus terminus at either of these stations, take NWFB bus service 792M (every 20 mins – journey time approx 40 mins) to Sai Kung Bus Terminus (next to the promenade).

(iv) if travelling from other parts of the New Territories KMB BUS SERVICE 299X from Sha Tin Central Bus Terminus (under New Town Plaza and Sha Tin MTR Station) via Ma On Shan Town Centre to Sai Kung Bus Terminus may be useful. Buses operate at about 10 minute frequency and the journey takes about 35 minutes. The journey includes a scenic stretch above the shores of Three Fathoms Cove and below the peaks of Ma On Shan Country Park.

Red Minibus from Mong Kok - a 24 hour frequent red minibus service operates between Dundas Street, Mong Kok and Wai Man Road Minibus Terminus, adjacent to Sai Kung Waterfront Park. The fare at January 2015 was HK$16 and Octopus Card is accepted on most minibuses operating this route.
A 24-hour red minibus service operates between Dundas Street, Mong Kok and Sai Kung

A little bit of shopping won't hurt. In fact, if you reach the ladies market in Mong Kok, it's impossible for you to shop just a "little". Kidding aside, if you plan to buy souvenirs like I LOVE HK T-SHIRTS, replicas of Hong Kong artifacts and Hong Kong signages, this is the place to be.

You will be challenged with your Cantonese and bargaining skills as you go thru the entire street.

*Tip: Try walking a little as they give you the price pretending not to be interested and that the price doesn't work for you. They'll start to awkwardly pull and ask you discreetly, "how much?" or "give me good price." That's when you bargain from half the original price the vendor gives you. Trust me, at one point, they'll give in to a low unexpected price.

The best time to check out the Ladies Market is at night. It gets pretty crowded late in the afternoon onwards and closes around midnight. During the weekends and holiday season, expect a large number of people swarming to the Ladies Market. Goods prices start from as low as HK$15 and up.

Location: Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon

How to get there? Simply take the MTR Red Line, go down to Mong Kok then take Exit E2. Then walk along Nelson Street passing 2 blocks.

Now on the other hand, there's a 15 storey level mall if you take Exit E1. It leads you to the Langham Mall.

Langham Mall 

Now you see, it owns 2 large scale escalators, measuring 83 meters high. The building is made up of gargantuan rock facade and the Happy Man stands affront which was sculpted by Larry Bell, making it a monumental landmark of Mong Kok. This mall is 15-storey high, with 2 basement levels, holds 665 hotel rooms and a carpark with 250 parking spaces. If you have extra time from shopping in the Ladies Market, sit for lunch or have a quick coffee break at this place. They have a huge H&M, Ralph Lauren, an alley of the luxurious make up brands and they have a serene spa upstairs catering to both the mall spectators and hotel residents.

Location: 555 Shanghai St., Mong Kok
Contact Details: 3552 3388

All prices, fees and discounts hereby shared in this post is subject to change based on each featured attraction's policies and discretion. Writer should not be accounted for any discrepancies as these may get affected economically.

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