Saturday, November 21, 2015


For this month of November, I have known of these stuff randomly that I find it hard not to share.

I had to document my mom's first visit to Venetian.
This was how big their shuttle buses are.
1. FREE transportation.

First and foremost, I was privileged to have a getaway for my birthday in Macau with my mom. So, it's good to let first timers in here know that there are an array of free shuttle buses (namely for the Venetian Hotel, Sands Resort and the newest hotel called Studio City, Macau) for you to take if you are up for checking in for a night or two. No need for you to worry about funds getting eaten up just to go to and fro the Macau Ferry Terminal from your hotel. I traveled along with my 1 year old too. I had a stroller and a mini luggage but transportation became easy breezy because of their first class bus service free for anybody who wishes to visit the hotel.Of course, since it is quite famous amongst tourists, the line was long but as I have observed, bus after bus comes to cater to that much people that waiting time can be estimated to 10minutes tops.

2. FREE Souvenir Photo that will be delivered straight to your email.

Since we are talking about the Venetian Hotel already, I would like to advertise it further. Hahaha! So with our accommodation comes a free souvenir photo that was to be claimed in the lobby near the check-in counter. The Venetian Hotel was grande so it took a long time for us to identify which check-in counter they meant but we had come across a free Photo Booth across the Noodle House. We were confused if this was the free photo thing but it wasn't. It was just readily available for somebody who has the time to strike a pose. Once you have had your photo taken, you will be asked if you'd like it to be forwarded to you via email and voila! These are the photos we had taken!

So finally we got hold of the free 3R photo afterwards which was to my disappointment was too small. No wonder it was free. So for a good souvenir, we had an official photo taken at one of the most beautiful halls of the hotel and paid for the photo. I have posted an extra large photo of the ones from the Photo Booth so that you can take note of its quality. Of course, you could tell like it's a fake backdraft but it's still cool for me in terms of the size, the famous spots to choose from (I think there were more or less 9 to choose from) and its availability online for easy posting on social media. If you are traveling on a budget, this is a good way to get hold of a memorable experience.

This is the photo we have purchased from their official photographer for a souvenir.
If it's not 3 generations of beauties in this picture, I'd say, the Photo Booth produced
much better picture than this one. There are a lot of photo bombers, the artwork at the back is cut,
the paintings on the ceiling cannot even be seen. But that's why people are taking
their shots here, for those art pieces. Oh well... that's just my opinion.
I posted this for your own comparison which I am more than willing to hear.
Just don't hesitate to leave your comment below.

3. PUBLIC Weighing Scale.

Like all trips, there's always the sad part of saying goodbye. So as my mom's flight with China Airlines got upgraded to a "Cathay Pacific" flight, Brave and I were just playing while waiting. Hong Kong International Airport got a massive weighing scale that is available for everybody to check their luggage's weight onto. Some people need a lot of adjustments when they don't think paying extra for that much excess baggage is worth it. So, here's something that is of big help I'm sure to a lot of tourists.

4. HK$20 Seminar.

Are you planning to buy a house and lot with your hard earned money? Land a property or learn how you could keep it secure by attending this seminar by Mr. Noli Manuel El Subastahero Alleje. All you need is register here as the 3 sessions can only hold 60 people max each session.

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