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Every year, I see to it that I post a share of my yearly favourite photos. Be it because of art, experience or milestone. Last year, I had dedicated the entire line up to motherhood. Such milestone is a tick in my bucket list and I thought the delight would stop there.

This year, I had pondered on the greatest influence that happened to my life. When you have a budding family, you become protective and ambitious. And for 2015, I embraced financial freedom. 

Halfway thru the year of 2015, we had studied, researched, gotten involved in an advocacy that had built up beyond expectation. Because of my family, who is my life and my BIGGEST WHY, I got driven and I felt empowered in serving others like never before.

With that being said, I had a paradigm shift in understanding TIME. So many people had just let it pass not knowing that it is the most essential commodity known to work "for" mankind if you discover the skill of handling it well. Time is a huge factor in just about anything, and I mean ANYTHING! Relationships, investments, growth. We always think that we don't have enough of it but actually, we are given that much time that we need and we don't have to be burdened with what has to be finished up. We just need to be at the moment. We just need to live it. And that gives way to these wondrous array of "moments".


This was taken during Brave's first time
to hold her milk bottle. It was before I left for work.

Any form of reward doesn't come as more importantly
as compared to seeing your child's development.
The time that I get to spend with my family, most especially,
my daughter, is more precious above any precious stone,
expensive travel package or an entertainment showcase.
Seeing how she grows up and develops is surprisingly amusing.
And knowing that you are the reason behind it all?
My hands are up, it makes my heart fat.
I actually had a hard time before,
keeping up with my friends who talk about babies nonstop.
Now that I am a mom, I kind of understand why.
It's just surreal that something that came from you, that you had
created is moving, talking, bouncing and giggling!
It's addicting.
I thank God for the time I get to see her grow.


This is yet again, another moment that cracks me up every time I come across it.
My baby had been fond of seeing herself in the camera since the beginning.
And by 6 months, she expresses herself like no other.


Whenever time permits, take a vacation to replenish your soul.
Another plus to this is when your family is with you along with a good bunch of friends.
Last year, it was a first time for my little one to experience traveling with us.
Destination: MACAU
It doesn't matter where but knowing that they are with me
experiencing a memorable time is something that I'd go back to in a heartbeat if I could.
It was one of the best experiences because I
expected that it would be hard having a 6 month old baby on board.
But she was so cool and from that moment on,
my husband and I knew that she is the same with us
as far as being outgoing is concerned.


This is my husband's birth month. When I asked him of what he wants
for his birthday, he had pointed to our daughter and said, "I got it already."
There was no fancy celebration but we dined out to celebrate my husband
and my daughter's christening over a dim sum breakfast.
With a Catholic name, "Gabrielle", Brave was baptised and was welcomed to the Christian world.
Besides the fact that I am fulfilling God's purpose of having our baby blessed,
as parents, we treasure this time of being able to celebrate with our good and long time friends.
Surprisingly, Brave didn't give us a hard time preparing as early as 7am
and didn't cry as she got startled upon the pouring of the holy water because it was cold.
As the priest had agreed to a last minute scheduling, some godparents weren't able to come.
We needed them to be there for the baptism to happen.
Also, it was a requirement that they are Catholics as well with a purpose
of having enough knowledge to impart if time would ever need them to.
Strict requirements were imposed, it almost didn't happen.
But it was good to be reminded to submit to God's will
and He will make it happen for you. With Him knowing the purest desires of your heart,
He will defy all odds that inhibit you from coming to Him.
As promised, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
April last year, God paved the way for Brave,
in God's perfect timing.


It was a challenge for me to go back to my original size pre-Brave since I gained
50lbs then (ideal is 25-35 lbs. Yes! Condemn me.)
But I was able to at least, fit in the jungle costume by 9 months.
This photo above was taken on May 12, 2015.
(Proof is on FB in case you doubt my calculations.)
The times that I worked out had paid off.
Automatically, a sudden boost of self esteem and that sense of achievement
showered upon me. I am thankful for those efficient times in the gym.
It also made sense to me that as a woman, and as a mom,
if it took you 9 months to gain that much in taking care of a human
being inside of you, it usually takes 9 months to recover too.
So to those who are dealing with stressful weight gain because of pregnancy,
allow your body some time to get used to it and I promise you, once you've attained your goal,
your physical body will cry for that lifestyle of exercise and good diet.
It won't be a bitch anymore 'til then.
Just breath and keep moving forward.
Use your time well.


This is the picture that started it all.
Together with the founder of COL Financial, Mr. Edward Lee,
we were blessed to have a portal to reaching to those who are in need.

Spearhead mission was given birth right at this very moment.

Spearhead mission aims to lead people into financial freedom out of an advocacy to serve.
This picture was taken when I took a free seminar tackling about investing on stocks.
at the Philippine consulate.

Before that, I had attended the Rich Dad, Poor Dad talk
which was the backbone of my pursuit to making investments.
This was the moment I decided that I want the BEST for my family
in terms of a good life.
Good life meaning, not depending on other people or any form of loan
for whatever emergencies may arise. I heeded becoming financially free.


It was my dream when I was young to own a franchise of Jollibee.
But I've discovered a more affordable way to start owning it.
By being a stockholder, I take advantage of time to earn money from it.
July last year, I started with a little share.
Hopefully, it'd grow fast and strong.


By this time around, Brave is 11KG, can walk independently on her own,
can chew most of the solid foods I know (except peanuts),
loves to sing and was giving out preferences.
I can perceive her mood swings, excitement and longing as she turned one.
It truly was so fast that by this time, I vaguely remember
how I survived sleeping with the "fragile" Brave.
The next time after I was complaining about how demanding it was for my back as I carry her,
as I teach her how to walk up to lifting her up from every bath,
I am upfront a baby saying "no" all of a sudden,
a baby demanding a biscuit in the morning and a singer in the making.
She had grown so fast that she suddenly became not so baby anymore.
That time had passed and I'm blessed with its memories, experience and great stories
to black mail her with. Hahaha!!!!


There's some letters of appreciation and acknowledgement from establishments
that I wrote about and it was beyond rewarding.
Free movie tickets came in too as an invitation as a critic.
All because of my writing, which had grown from a hobby way back 2006.
But this was the best that came in the mailbox because beyond the fact
that it's unexpected, I didn't know I could work for or even get linked to Google this way.
This saying, "What you do most of your time while procrastinating
should be the exact thing you should be actually doing."
makes sense after all.
I entitled this as "cashflow" to remind people out there
who thought there's no money behind doing your favourite thing.
Well, there is. Just be creative and use your time wisely.


Now that I am rearing my baby, seeing illustrations like this make me cringe.
I am constantly thankful that we eat three times a day but I constantly ask God too.
How come there are people who are in this kind of lifestyle if we are all children of God?
I am not sure what is the exact answer to that. I don't believe in luck.
But being born out of the countries who are involved constantly in war,
or being born from parents who would never make me hold a gun,
or being born in a free country can already be considered lucky.
It is unfair to say I'm blessed and they're not.

This picture is actually one of the main reasons why I am sticking to our advocacy.
It is imperial to learning about financial freedom that we are taught of the ways
on how to fend for ourselves. This is one way to empower a person to be creative
with the tools God had given us. For us to be resourceful because nothing in this
world will be handed to you in a silver spoon.
We need to know how to THRIVE. And that's LIFE.
So if you can extend a helping hand during your free time, why not?


I have a tie for this month as God had blessed me in abundance during my birthmonth of November.


My beautiful mom surprised me a week before my birthday that she'd be
flying over from America and it was truly an exciting time for me
because it will be her first time to meet my family.
FaceTime had always been there but meeting person to person is a different story.

My husband had gifted me leisure time by booking us Venetian Hotel
so that we ladies, can splurge on its exquisiteness and luxury for a weekend.
I maybe exaggerating because we were just blessed with good timing
since they have the best last minute deals.
(Otherwise, a fortune may have been spent)
but to stress out importance of time, I got to talk and spend time with my mom,
say I love you to her in person, because of the distance between us,
more than I have for the past years (3 to be exact).
She was my birthday package this year.
We had a great time.


Now this second photo is a privilege that I consider.
It's time with loved ones and friends.
Time that you were able to spend your birthday with people twice in a row.

Year after year.

Life is too short not to appreciate the company you have,
the job you got that others would kill for,
and most especially, the time and ability for you to celebrate it all.
Time, we all know, talks about your presence and all.
But ability usually is taken for granted.
It doesn't require only time for you to give ultimate happiness to your family.
Realistically, you needed money to buy even a simple cake.
Don't get me wrong, I am happy having my mom over,
having my husband and daughter to celebrate with me.
And on top of that, are friends that care and support you, what more can I ask?
You might be whispering to yourself now, that is not enough for her yet?
Well, hear me out.
With that being said, I am thankful that I am able to provide
for what may add up to that sense of being together in terms of
a simple intimate dinner and gathering in the house.
Hence, this photo needed to be included because Angela,
who got me my cake that night, got me when I said giving out a message to all who came,
"Thank you for all for being able to celebrate with me,
twice in a row."

(Philippine Christmas)

For the first time in so many years, Hong Kong Disneyland
had gifted Filipino workers (with their plus ones) who continuously are
spreading their light, sharing their talents and touching lives with their passion,
with a night of amusement, surprises and Filipino food!!!!
It was an early Christmas celebration.
For most of us who are away from home just to earn a living,
this one night of making us feel at home is much much appreciated.
Filipino entertainers came over, the tables were decorated with
the traditional Christmas lanterns (parol) and Filipino games highlighted the night.

10 years of bringing magic to guests, I am glad that in my own little way
and for the time that I am strong and able, I have been a part of it
More power to you Hong Kong Disneyland!

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