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"NO TEARS" this "THURSDAY"! Get INSPIRED instead!

The Academy Awards, officially re-branded as The Oscars as of February 20, 2013, are a set of awards given annually for excellence of cinematic achievements. The Oscar statuette is officially named the Academy Award of Merit and is one of nine types of Academy Awards. Organized and overseen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS),[2] the awards are given each year at a formal ceremony. And ever since I have come of age, I've always loved watching it. I love movies and I always catch myself in awe with that priceless moment when their names are called. Whether their faces show expectancy, excitement or satisfaction, PRIDE and SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT are undeniably present.

The journey to being successful as we all know ain't easy. With the cliche that goes, "SHIT HAPPENS!", success counts less SHIT then or better yet, no SHIT as much as possible. Huge words such as SELF-ACTUALIZATION, PRESTIGE, AND VICTORY are fed most of the time by a simple PRACTICE, right DISCIPLINE and humble ATTITUDE. Usually, we are so scared to take the first step when it is all what it takes to get to that "unknown" world of fear without knowing that that might have been the change you have been praying for to happen. The following Filipinos had been awarded in their own right for taking a leap and owning what it takes to be on top.

1. RONY FORTICH - Hong Kong Disneyland's Musical Director had recently been given the "DISNEY LEGACY AWARD". The recipients of the said award are selected by their leaders, direct reports and/or their co-workers. These are individuals who consistently DREAM, CREATE and INSPIRE each day by supporting the business objectives and goals of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. [(ALLEARS.NET) = "Sharing the Magic Worldwide"]

That being said, I would like to congratulate Rony for this well-deserved recognition as he inspires thousands and thousands of people with his craft (including me) EVERYDAY. Literally, everyday with the music he had created and had put together for the parade team. A lot of spectators forget that the people who work  "behind the scenes" are as important as their "on-stage" counterparts for there wouldn't be a show if not for them.

The picture below was taken when Rony was talking about Disney music to 2,000 students. 
Truly an amazing and priceless moment for him.

2. KRISTIAN LEI - Brace yourself with what she had done so far:

- Theatre Stage -

       * THE FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING - HK Disneyland
                                                                         - Princess Nala
                                                                         - Storyteller (RAFIKI)
       * MISS SAIGON - Cameron Mackintosh/Stella Musicals
                                    - Kim
       * THE KING & I - Hawaii Opera Theatre
                                           - Tuptim
       * ONCE ON THIS ISLAND - Actor's Actors Inc. Philippine Tour
                                                      - Ti Moune
       * THE MAGICAL BIRD - Honolulu Theatre for Youth
                                               - Magic Bird
        * HONOLULU BROADWAY BABIES - Honolulu Broadway Babies
                                                                        - Lead
        * HABI - SI Centrum, Stuggart Germany
                     - Lead

To know more = just visit . Because I need not elaborate on this woman's achievements. It's all there. It's an honor to meet her and be under her for a couple of sessions. I am truly grateful.

Rony and Kristian's humility is so admirable. Despite their achievements, numerous awards and recognitions they have remained the same person as they are. Real, humble and encouraging. Both of them never stopped complimenting on fellow artists. Moreover, they continuously become good ambassadors by not minding if they have to be of service for free when it is for a good cause.


I am so proud to include my good friend, GILES in this line up. He had been hard-working as he had been part of HK Disneyland Entertainment team since it opened. He had given the HK Disneyland audience genuine service from then up until now that he is a part of the staging team being the Stilts Captain. He, together with ELA had recently been interviewed to share about what they do as a performer in the park to the Filipinos back at home. I believe I have had a lot of posts about Ela describing how talented she is. But in addition, she, along with 11 more Filipinos (JAY AR VILLADAR, BOBBY RALPH MANALANG, IROY ABESAMIS, GISELE GUARIN, MARIE VEGA, CAR PONCE, MARVIN NAADAT, SCOTT BLANCO, ANA QUINTO, and RIA VICTORINO), had won 1st place in the 2013 HK Salsa Festival.

Here in the same 3rd spot, PAOLA MARIE KAGAOAN

and yours truly, KATRINA DALINO had graced both Ch. 2's Balitang K and Ch.7's Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, for an interview about Christmas Parades and Toy Story Land respectively.

4. ANNA FEGI - was my idol from my childhood days. Watching her in the Sunday noontime show called 
                          ASAP, made me want to be on the same stage. (Oh those happy days with WHIPLASH!)
                          Ms. Fegi had graced HK Disney with her great talent as being part of the Festival of the
                          Lion King theatre show. She is an international award-winning singer born from Cebu
                          who like Rony and Kristian had been reaching out to kids who dream to of performing and
                          having their own audience. Right now, she is working on "School of Rock" Cebu's
                          Summer Kick-Off and I'm sure this will be more than a success. It will surely be a stepping
                          stone to a lot of youngsters involved in this project into becoming like her.

    I've known him as one of the most renowned performers Philippines had ever produced. Getting involved in the Theatre Arts of the University of the Philippines and mixing studies with it is no joke. But Kuya Julius didn't give up. Pursuing a career in ARTS, he eventually ended up as a Senior Dance Scholar in STEPS Dance School, became a chorus dancer in Hong Kong Disneyland's Festival of the Lion King, and now holding his own agency in United Kingdom called, Be.artisan.

   BE.artisan is a commercial artists and entertainment agency that offers unique and remarkable lists of artists, acts and creatives in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Founded by its creative director Julius Ebreo. They provide dancers, actors, models, singers and creatives for theatre, TV, film, music, videos, fashion shows, cruise ships and corporate events here in the UK and internationally.

Julius had sent me the entire CV he got and it was just overwhelming. I am so proud of what he had become, or I am proud to know him personally. It is too hard to believe that this guy whom I know is one of those on top says humbly, "I'm going slow with my career." when I was just asking him via facebook if he could help me out with "some" information that he'd be willing to give as I was planning to write this feature blog. He has a movie that is yet to come out. What did he mean that he's slowing down with his career? By the way, that's still yet to watch out for. But I'd like to share to you some of the performances he did that made me drop my jaw:

Theatre/Production:                Role:                       Location:                           Choreographer/Director:
* Romeo and Juliet                 Dancer                   Buckingham Palace            Cristian Valle
* Lion King                            Ensemble                Hong Kong                        Lynne-Taylor Corbett
* Pearls of the East                 Choreographer       London                              Dominic Bethune
* Parallax Dance Company     UK Alliance           Australia                             Jordan Punsalang
* Binhi ng Sigwa                     Actor                     Philippines                          Dennis Gutierres

* ASAP                                 Choreographer        ABS-CBN Ch.2                Charles Thompson
* DJ Fresh "The Feeling"         Dancer                   London                               Ministry of Sound
* Children in Need                  Dancer                   London                               BBC
* Sonny J Music Video           Dancer                   London                               David Leighton
* SOP                                     Dancer                  GMA 7, Philippines             Georcel Dapat

* Elektra                               Creative Director         London                             Michael Falzon
* Brazil Song                        Featured Dancer          London/Brazil                    Ooberfuse
* Coca Cola                         Choreographer            Asia                                  Christine Cho
* Asia Photo Awards            Model                         Hong Kong                       J Kong
* London Fashion Week       Choreographer/           London                             Julius Ebreo (himself)   
  Closing and Opening           Stylist

Julius just really has a wide range of talent eh!? Taking this chance, "Kuya Julius! One word. REPRESENT!"


A lot of people measure success by the amount of money they have, how far fame had brought them or just by the power they hold. But to Benjie, it's something else. Being at peace with himself, knowing who he is and being proud to represent gay community is far more than what life could give him. Winning the title of MR. GAY Hong Kong 2012 had lead him into fulfilling his purpose in this world. One whole article talked about the opportunities this title had given him. It spoke a lot about how he wanted to fight for equal human rights not basing it on their own sex preference but how efficient they could be. He had put emphasis on the courage everybody should possess as you pursue your dreams. He is now with Pink Alliance.

 The Pink Alliance (aka Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting or TCJM) aims to link tongzhi organizations operating in Hong Kong, to assist them in their work and to provide a network for information in both Chinese and English within the tongzhi community. The TCJM will also research and campaign on issues of key importance.
Tongzhi (同志) is a Chinese word, often translated as ‘comrade’, which refers to people of different sexual orientations and gender identities in the Chinese-speaking world.
The TCJM does not seek to direct or interfere in the work of individual tongzhi organisations, nor will it claim to represent them unless specifically authorised to do so. All organizations in Hong Kong working for the welfare of the tongzhi community and its liberation from all forms of discrimination are welcome to be represented in the TCJM, which also includes key individuals in the tongzhi community.
The TCJM has a simple structure. Members meet every three months, and at other times if required, and have equal rights. Any issues requiring resolution are first referred to members’ organisations for their views. Members who are not in agreement are not committed to any action or view.
A number of Groups further the TCJM’s work. These consist of volunteers who assist in research and translation, letter writing, fund raising and communications. The TCJM has established a data base of information which is open for use by the whole tongzhi community.
The TCJM is not for profit. It is registered as a Society with the Government of the Hong Kong SAR (under the Societies Ordinance CP/LIC/SO/19/40337).

I have worked with Benjie in his project before called, "JUST DANCE". It shared the same concept with "So You Think You Can Dance" except that it's a smaller one. He was the director and I've hosted the show for 2 seasons. That was quite my proof on how dedicated this person is. His creativity and passion served us all well. It encouraged me to pursue hosting and may I say that it pays dues now. Besides directing, producing and serving humanity, he is a suave ballroom dancer. And is performing here in Hong Kong and abroad at present.

Cheers to Benjie for all the hard work he had done for it paid off. I am so proud of you Direk and more power to you.

Disclaimer: I've based my choices on Filipinos who had been and are still a part of the Hong Kong Disneyland Family.  
                 It is purely subjective and out of admiration.  
                Though some information provided were solicited online, most were from the people featured.
                 Intentions of writing this post is solely to INSPIRE, nothing more and nothing less.

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