Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacation 2009


Hmmm.... What can I say about this? Let me start this way...

I've waited for a long time to experience Boracay after 7 years. Since it's just a boat ride away from my province, Romblon, I've went there since I was 5 years old almost every Summer. Again, that was 7 years ago. What I remember about it is that I often threw tantrums because in order to get to the beach, we had to walk a long way. But now, it's too crowded already. It had been so commercialized that my idea of unwinding wasn't that too great. It even had Starbucks!!!! Ugh! That just spoiled everything. Plus the weather wasn't cooperating at all. And what's so funny is that I was just too forsaken I guess that dark days went over me. Ugh! Womanhood!

Oh well... Not everything were bad. I was with 2 of my best girls, Ria and Val and they made sure everything was booked perfectly. I loved how they came about with good Station 1 hotel. I suggest you go for Grand Prix Boracay Hideaway. The moment we landed on Kalibo, they had the bell boy pick us up, helped us with our luggages with all his might and upon reaching the hotel, cold welcoming drinks were sitting there waiting for us. The people were warm and made sure that we were served the breakfast that we chose. Plus the ATV experience was worth it!

I had the nicest bonding time with my cousin, Alvin too. One thing that we really like talking about is LIFE... Oh how we love that topic! Hahahaha! Most especially when it comes along with a Cappuccino Venti. Thrice we hung out at Starbucks while. The first one is right after Alvin got me from the airport. We headed right away to SM Mall of Asia, and man! I missed it so bad! I just had to give myself a treat at Gram's Diner. It used to look so nice but for some reason, the food there isn't worth of the price anymore. Before, I always have a nice time there, but it suddenly turned out to be so gloomy, how the restaurant looks like. Oh well.... I want to think that it's about the weather, that it was really raining so hard. It was still nice to drop by... My stomach had no more room for Cafe Breton's finest crepes, too bad I had to pass on that. Plus it was very cold for crepes too.

And then we hit Tomas Morato's Starbucks the same night with my godson Joerel. Lots of catching up happened since it's been a long time that I got hold of him. Series of advices were exchanged and it's always nice to hear their stupid, funny and sensible stories all at the same time.

(to be continued...)

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