Friday, October 14, 2011


Ever since technology had taken a huge step in making mobile phones, my family and I had been loyal to Nokia. I still remember the first ever handy model, 5110. My classmates found it a symbol of status. Young as we were, that's what we believed so.

Not until, I started making important calls, marking down important people for work and business, and the most important of all, getting hold of things to be done at a certain time.

I admit, I never realized that I was in a constant struggle with the limitations of my old phone as I gave way to my desire to own one of Steve Jobs' greatest innovations. IPhone 4 - humbly I say, had made everything easier, accessible and possible for me. Not to mention, the apps that go with it. I couldn't relate to it at first but APPLE really makes it user friendly by updating it very well and by allowing an array of interests to be steadfast available.... at a minimal cost... It's a good investment and to further feed the indulgence, I asked Hogan, "Do you think I deserve this!?" And he said, "Of course!" And that puts the guilt away (since it's not that cheap, though I'm thankful of the discount for Disney Cast Members and the wonderful deal that they gave me).

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