Thursday, October 06, 2011


"The Greatest CEO of His Time"

Steve Jobs' death made me jump off my bed when my boyfriend of 4 years
casually announced from Facebook a devastating news.
I couldn't believe at first though it was expected.
I've known him being sick of Pancreatic Cancer for quite a while.
I kind of sensed how serious it was when I observed him experiencing
a remarkable weight loss.

Greatfully, he did not seize in pushing himself
of fulfilling his purpose of innovating cellphones/mobile phones.
I am more than amazed of his dedication to what he does best
despite his serious condition. In fact, despite the reality
That he was dying...

Many of us, if we would be asked by God of what we want,
there'd always be wishes that would talk about
personal gains. It's not wrong but it's a fact.
Ask yourself for example of what you'd wish for if God
appears to you one day and asks you this,
"what 3 wishes would you ask me
if I would guarantee you that it will be granted?"
Did you answer it yet?
Mine firstly, was to be able to serve my purpose.
(I always start and end my day stating this.)
Secondly, to gain as much finance so as
the family that I'll leave behind would never have
difficulty giving me a proper burial.
And the last one would be to attain immortality
At least thru a book or any form of innovation of some sort.
Noticed anything?
Yeah... There's personal gain there.
Though maybe if I would serve my purpose and would
be able to attain immortality, earn a lot of money so that
my family would give me a proper burial, who knows?
Probably it could benefit the whole mankind.
Pretty ambitious. But hey, that's just a big "IF".

Even if we'll add a catch to it,
like for example, you're dying and God appeared to you
and asked you the same thing, the more it has the tendency
to just talk about pure personal gain.
It's just undeniable.

The point is, as far as the concept of "dying" is concerned,
It still is good not to wait for that moment to live

Steve jobs life is a life well-lived
for he was able to do his purpose, which was
to enhance other people's lives.
It could be more of a personal gain for him but as i type
away this blog entry thru my iPhone,
I feel that it's more of a gain for me.
Steve jobs' iPhone makes it possible for me
to type away whenever and wherever.

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