Sunday, September 04, 2011

You Got a Friend in Me!!!!

A Toy Story

11 in the morning. Stevenie and Lawlaw had set the call time
the night before. Complete with instructions as to what colors of clothes
we were going to bring and with my camera all geared up,
we all met up in Disneyland Hotel to take as much life in the pictures
to come up with the "not-only-cast-members-but-also-friends" theme.
And I'm so grateful to have these subjects altogether in this project
for each and every one of us really were game to do it...

Despite limited make-up time, props to hold and sun to enjoy,
we still hope that there would be a good outcome from this.
Or should I say, we already have because this will be another page
to be added up to our lives here in Hong Kong.

Thank God for friends!

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