Saturday, January 14, 2012

Against UST

This beleaugering blog had caught my attention one Sunday morning on Facebook. If you would read it carefully, and you're a Thomasian even for just a short time, you would be offended with her personal remarks about the school. Needless to say, not only me, (being a Thomasian for 14 years), but a lot, had violent reactions. Upon reading it, it got me off the bed with the urge of blogging back NASTILY!!! But then again, I had to step back and dwell on the awareness I was currently in, with regards to my "INITIAL RESPONSE", "VALUES" and "BREEDING".

Of course, all of us are entitled to share our personal opinion with basically everything that we encounter. It just is though a HUGE choice which attitude we would approach it with. ATTITUDE is a very important tool in going on with our daily lives. I always find myself blaming ATTITUDE as the only reason behind every argument, every problem and every dilemma. In this case, I was careful with which ATTITUDE to let go of. Freedom of expression was to be respected on this account. However, the student, obviously was using a lot of offensive words and the main intention was really make the school look bad.

A friend of mine, Mrs. Christina Cueto Nawahine, whose father was a professor in the University of Santo Tomas, and is a product of UST herself, commented on Facebook that went, "My dad, a retired professor at UST, once told me you'll know if a teacher is good if he/she can make the poorest student to be the brightest. If it is a fact that UST accepts "bobo's" then this is the reason." UST may be getting poor students but if it can transform the "POTENTIAL" to being the "BEST" when they graduate, then it's not a school located in "LOSER"-ville after all. I totally agree with that.

As for me, I just wanted to clarify that University of Santo Tomas is not a church alone. When I was enrolled there, it was complete with the Elementary School, Education and Pay High School and an array of colleges offering a variety of courses that are actually too many to mention. It also has a museum, big ass library!!! (sorry for the language but it's that big, I wasn't even able to completely tour around even If I was there for 14 long years), a fast food chain afront a hospital, a lot of gymnasiums, a church, a soccer field and a park. Everything that would facilitate a student's learning is basically there and a peaceful environment. I'm sure that additional facilities had been renovated, widened and added up.

In addition to that, professors with true passion are the underlying weapons of the said university. Without them the university would be crippled. They are true gems of the Thomasian community for the teachers that I had had served for so long as I know. From being my mom's teachers/professors, down to this generation's. For me, they deserve more than a gold medal and to them, I write this recognition. Because of all my teachers in the past, I am where I am right now, well and intact, more than capable and fired up! So, there's more than what the school has to offer besides facilities. As part of the 85 and above percentile after finishing high school, I was exempted in taking UST's entrance examination so I strongly disagree that UST got imbeciles joining their community.

Maybe it would also be good to recognize the products of UST if that's the case. A lot of Thomasians are recognized in the Philippines and abroad. Maybe in naming the ones that I know, I would have to write another blog for it. Along with other universities in the Philippines, UST continues to represent the Philippines in a good way. And for me, Catholicism is yet another distinct characteristic of a true Thomasian, which explains the important values (such as humility, patience and perseverance) enveloping every success a Thomasian earns. That's basically what this student doesn't understand. Talent and/or intelligence may get you to the top. The values and attitude that you combine it with are the determining factors on how to sustain being on top.

Though I wanted to criticize every awful thing this student stated about MY school, I guess I just have this to say...

I am thankful with being blessed with parents who brought me to the University of Santo Tomas to receive the best education. I learned that this is the best gift any parent could ever bestow. It can never be stolen from you and if it's a good stepping stone to everything. I am representing myself as a learned person to the best of my ability. And lastly, a big thanks to this girl because she paved a way for me to write about my roots. It gave me a chance to express how proud I am to be part of the Thomasian community.

VIVA SANTO TOMAS!!!!The most recent photo that I took during my latest visit in UST
- (2011) while standing beside the dirty ice cream cart that I
had been buying ice cream from since I was in
my primary years inside the campus.
It's still there.

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