Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happiness PROJECT

There was a struggle in me whether I should come up with one of my own as I went thru this book right before the new year came. I stumbled across it in the Hong Kong International Airport on my way to Samoa. As obsessive-compulsive as I may become, in following airline rules, there's no controlling me if it's about maintaining safety on board the trip. I knew that mobile phones would be requested to be shut down. Therefore, my iPhone (though it has that airplane mode) would be useless for 10 hours! I just "had" to get a book.

Last November, 2011, books about Steve Jobs had gone wild. You could see his face all over magazine stalls, bookstores and news stands.... big and small, on hard bound and soft bound covers with a very tempting ad that goes, "You want to be as rich as Steve Jobs???" that would really make you grab it and go. It was expensive let me tell you that! But I was on a tight budget and I was on my way to a vacation that I want to hold on to as much cash as I can. Since I didn't know how it is in Samoa in terms of usage of credit cards if worse comes to worst, I went around and looked a little more. I saw this book at a dim corner. At first, I was judging my own self for being pathetic in choosing this book because it seems like I am admitting to myself that I got attracted to it because I sense UNHAPPINESS in me. But I managed to ignore the thought and like how I always convince myself (when purchasing reading materials), I thought, "It's for research purposes! You'll never know how it may serve you later on!".

Come on the plane, after getting settled and all, I started reading the the book. Needless to say, it was true after all.... it's not that my life was stable that I could absolutely say I'm happy. I am not taking little blessings for granted. Hear me out. I read this book, "RULES OF LIFE" where it suggests that being "HAPPY" is too much to wish for. It is just too vast of an emotion that the pursuit of it is almost impossible. I agreed with what it suggested that people, in general don't get happy unless satisfied. Say for example, if you get to eat 3 times a day, sometimes, it wouldn't satisfy you if it doesn't come with dessert; or it wouldn't satisfy you if it's not in a fancy restaurant; or it wouldn't satisfy you if you're not going to be served well.... and these demands could go on and on and you and I know that it may never stop. So, this book, basically convinces the person to go down a notch by pursuing "SATISFACTION" instead of "HAPPINESS"... And you can go from there.

Going back to the book, "HAPPINESS PROJECT", it pushed me into maximizing my potential in all aspects. Career, relationships and status. My personal argument regarding "HAPPINESS" vs "SATISFACTION" had once again given life. Bits and pieces of Gretchen Rubin's experiences (the author) are similar to mine. Though very stable, I admire her for admitting how limited she was and the extension of her humility to doing something about it in order to be happier. Moreover, convincing other people to change for the better too. I never came up with my personal commandments, nor my personal resolutions but it seems that I was starting to apply them altogether subconsciously. I've put her theories into action and oftentimes, I see it very beneficial to my own life. I sat down and thought about it again. Since, it got all woven to completion, first month of the year, the book meant goodness and balance, why not, go for it after all!!!!

Let me start with my 12 resolutions adapting Gretchen's style:
1. Get energized.
2. Try something new.
3. Focus on one thing at a time.
4. Be real, be Kyte.
5. Share more.
6. Let go.
7. Identify the Problem.
8. Stand up for what's right.
9. Make it happen.
10. Spend out.
11. Be there.
12. There is only love.

There you go....

In beginning this blog, I gave myself one rule, "JUST" write about happy experiences. But from now on, some of my blog entries would be confirming to these personal commandments. What I learned from reading "The Happiness Project" was that, it's hard to realize that you're happy about something when you haven't experienced a devastating loss or great absence of it to make you see further on how it makes you appreciate the happiness that that "something" brings. So, to make it more realistic, interesting and natural, I may start to share events that helped me grow up, challenges that made me test my attitude and memoirs that may be upsetting at first but for sure got underlying reason and purpose. Again, you all are free to share your opinion by commenting, sharing and suggesting.

Be happy!!!!

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