Sunday, June 03, 2012

"The Lucky One"

The "Lucky One" is yet another captivating novel by Nicholas Sparks. 

It is about a U.S. marine who came to stumble on a woman's picture which had turned to be his lucky charm during the time he served in the army. When it was time for him to return home, he thought of returning the photo to the woman personally since nobody claimed it in Iraq. He intended to thank her for saving his life from a number of life threatening circumstances where two of his best buddies during the war had never survived from or simply by winning a series of poker games. That's how he knows her the least.

As the story went along, he learns about the purpose for him finding her picture and how his fate is yet to unfold because of it.

Being a fan of this kind of novels, the book made me curl on my seat for 9 hours (out of 13) on my flight back to Shanghai from Los Angeles. I had put it on halt at first, reading only 1/4 of it and I managed to finish the rest on air. I had watched the movie in The Grove, Los Angeles and for the first time, I love the movie equally as I loved the book. Blame it on Zac Efron's remarkable portrayal of the marine.

It is a must-see. My mom didn't sleep in the movie and tried to ask what the leading man's name was. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy staring at Zac in this movie...

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