Saturday, January 11, 2014

What satisfies you?

I learned from my sociology teacher when I was in college that SATISFACTION is something that a human being may never possess. If you watch a juggler, and let's say, he juggles 3 oranges, you would always hear somebody from the crowd shout "Can you do 4"? If he does 4, you may find yourself expecting that he would juggle 5. After he does, and gets the 6th, somebody will always challenge him until the 7th, the 8th, the 9th and the 10th 'til he distracts your attention into something else. Otherwise, people's demands will never stop.

There are times, you unexpectedly give in to your envy and would buy the same shoes your friend got last Holiday season because so many are admiring it and you want the same attention. Some cultures allow men to have more than one wife because the first one is not sufficient enough to comply for what the husband needs. Plastic surgery, botox and anything alike are more in demand now because you just want to look prettier when actually, there's nothing wrong with your face. Those who go under the knife describes it as "enhancing" what they have. Philosophies like: "NO woman will say she had enough shopping.", or "NO woman could say she has enough shoes." had been accepted socially that it becomes a way of life to arising fashionistas. As a matter of fact, I don't even know why being one is a determining factor of which status you belong to nowadays. Obese men and women are pretty obvious with what they consume in excess yet they defend their bad habits like it's a civil right. Issues with money, fame and power fall in the same idea. Nobody can get enough of it.

But for people like Sam Berns, they aim for the simplest form of satisfaction. To be able to survive everyday not feeling indifferent but able. To hear what he has to share about happiness, watch this.

People like him wants for just life itself. NO MORE, NO LESS. He gets satisfied with how simple it could get. Or should I say, simple for us but more than extraordinary for him considering his condition. I have dreamt of being in one of them TEDtalks but I couldn't find anything "extraordinary" to talk about. I am not with a condition like this so that people would listen to me. I am still looking for that special message I would give justice speaking about to the whole world to be given at least 10 minutes in TED. Sam Burns, and so are the rest of the what we think are "abnormal" people because of how they look like, are even more capable if you would try to analyze it than the "normal" people like you and me. And there is just some dissatisfaction there on my account but let me transform that to something inspirational for myself. There is a challenge to each and everyone of us that nobody should set themselves to any limit most especially if we are going to talk about "full potential".

For my serene Sunday, pray that you may serve your purpose before your own life is taken away from you. Sam Burns died last night according to a post on TEDx's Facebook page. But he made it happen. He delivered the message he was meant to deliver. Live life happily and do not dwell in something that will make you feel dead and unable.

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